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long weekends are a Catch-22


feeling kinda how a girl feels

so the weekend was all about sleeping. except for Saturday morning - when my asshole of a next door neighbor woke me up after only 4 hours of sleep. *grrrr* i was bullshit. i must have looked like the wrath of God incarnate - hair sticking up every which way, wrinkled bathrobe, and pissed off expression. got to the front door, slammed it open with one hand, and barked 'what?!' 'you're blocking my car.' *glare* 'no, i am not blocking your car.' *slam* i think it'll be a while before he tries that one again.

the neighbors had been good for a while, after many parking battles. they don't actually have a whole driveway. but they insisted on parking in their backyard anyway, then yelling at us when we used our (legal) driveway and blocked them in. it got better for a while there, as we swapped neighbors in and out. and now we're back to a pissing match. bleargh.

oh, and i got a call from my landlord - the lease renewal is all good. :) i figured it would be, but since it ran out last week, it's still good to hear from her. she's told me before that i'm one of her preferred tenants, but nelson was joking around a few weeks ago about how i always bring him problems and how he was going to have to kick me out. it was all in jest, and i offered him a beer as a bribe if he'd bring me my lease. anyway, it's just nice to get confirmation, and to be able to ut off the fear of moving for a little while longer.

i've gotten the next step in car ownership taken care of - picked up the plates from my agent tonight. now i just have to get the inspections done by Friday. i'm hoping to be able to catch up with ChicaBean tonight to see if we can work out a time.

and that's about the most productive thing that's happened all weekend. i skipped out of two parties, and just vegetated. i'm feeling like a slob at home; i'm unhappy with the state of my house, but i'm also apparently unwilling to do anything about it, like, say, do any chores. where's my buff, naked houseboy when i need him? ;) i just want to nap or read or watch TV. (have i mentioned i adore my new couch?)

sad, sad about my boys... i wish i'd been able to get up to Lowell last week, as Daubach was playing a rehab game up there. oh, and the whole thing with the pitching coach? mom was right. Duquette is a bastard. despite all that, Sunday's game was a fabulous piece of theatre. much as i hate the Yankees, it would have been cool to watch Mussina pitch a perfect game. you gotta love Everett for throwing a wrench in it, though. he was the perfect one to do it. and Cone! good lord, he did well. every pitch he threw after the 5th, i kept thinking 'go, man, go!' it was a stunning pitching duel. see? this is one of the many reasons i love the game.

oh, i take it back about accomplishments. i was very behind on journal stuff, but at least got up thru the birthday entry. i didn't feel like i could lose time swapping in a new CPU - because no matter how well that goes, it's always a few days of tinkering. and i'm deathly afraid of fucking up my DSL connection. it was so painful to get it up and running the first time, as the monkeys on crack who document that sort of thing left out some key pieces, like, say, the required IP proxy setup. *grr* i did, however, get a spanky new monitor. it's sitting on my desk, humming in all its 17" glory. ahhhh... it's so nice to be able to look at my monitor, not down at it.

i have to seriously rethink the desk setup, though, especially after today's little jaunt to the neurologist. yes, i have one of those. in fact, i have two. it's a long story, but let's just say the brain doesn't always cooperate. maybe i'll get around to the details another time; for now the short story is this. i went for a followup, and described to David this weird ghosty feeling i've been getting with my left arm - like you've pushed up your shirt sleeve and the cuff is a bit too tight - but there's no sleeve. 'guess what? you just bought yourself an MR.' *rolls eyes, thunks head back against wall* damn!

he's pretty sure that it's just a pinched nerve, but wants to rule out anything worse. god love him, david doesn't go looking for problems. but i've been having residual left side weakness for a few months, and he wants to be on the safe side - which is just fine with me.

my theory is that between the usual problems and spending too much time looking down and left at the monitor, i've fucked up my neck to a fare thee well. so it would behoove me to look into a new desk setup, or at least a real chair.

on a different note, i found what i hope is the perfect gift for CB's birthday. we'll see. i'm taking her out on Saturday night. and that's all i'll say about it for now. :)

oh, and i got a birthday gift from my sis - yum!! she sent me a lemon artichoke spread, 3 whole jars of it. i had picked some up when i was down visiting her, and left the jar for her to enjoy. she's so sweet and thoughtful.

and that giftie showing up was the high point of my workday. coming back from a long weekend (and i did *no* work on Friday, to boot) was tough. going from setting my own schedule and no conflicts (other than my asshole neighbor - see above), to clipped tones and pissing matches... eh. i had to work hard on scaling down my reactions. It's. Just. A. Job. and there's no need to get myself worked into a lather about it.

what i have been getting increasingly motivated about is learning to drive my car. i'm determined to master it. i was thinking about this week, and trying to skeeze a ride for the poker game... wait a minute! i have a freakin' car! i shouldn't have to mooch rides. it makes me more resolved than before to get a grip on the damn standard. i mean, i have a car - i should be able to drive the damn thing. competitive, much? nah. not me. i just refuse to lose. ;)

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