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over the river and thru the woods, it's off to the poker shack we go


feeling kinda how a girl feels

relatively nonproductive day. all i seem to want is to eat, a lot, and stuff that's not good for me. i'm wondering how much of it is PMSey stuff, and how much of it is coming from thinking about losing weight and changing my diet. needless to say, large bars of Perugina are not on the diet. hey, if i could find a way to fit it in a reasonable diet, i would. life is just better with chocolate. i have a postcard up outside my cube: 'Things are getting worse. Send chocolate.' people have come to understand that the most outrageous of requests becomes a possibility when accompanied by either a crisp $100 bill or chocolate, lots of it, and good quality. a Hershey's bar ain't gonna cut it. Ghiradelli, on the other hand, or Perugina, or Guylian will get you far.

thanks to all for the feedback on the latest design. i meant to explain the characters. they're from a font set called Mei Ornaments, provided gratis by the lovely folks at Vintage Type. i tried to pick characters that were meaningful for each link. the one for spit/glance/upload, for example, means 'energy'. S/G/U is a clique of journallers who write like me - spit out what's in your head, glance over it for egregious spelling errors,and upload it fast. the guestbook and mail links are honor and love, respectively - 'cuz i think y'all should honor and love me. *g* recent and older entries are represented by honesty and clarity. the entries are always honest, unvarnished me. and with any luck, i get a bit of clarity out of the exercise. anyway, there you have it.

i was walking over to my best friend's house for lunch today and heard a little chirpy bird up in the tree, and i started thinking: should you really be here? aren't you supposed to be somewhere warm, south of here? i mean, it must have sucked to be a bird last weekend. all that sleet and rain and ice had to have made a nest a nasty place to be. then i started thinking about bird houses, and whether i should put one up to shelter the little birdies. i think i was also thinking about the stranded kitty that Tanya was talking about. poor little kitty! stranded in a tree for days, thru an ice storm no less! damn useless fire department... well, go read her version of the story, which has a happy ending.

and i'm sitting here, listening to ani difranco and utah phillips singing union songs about getting the bosses off your back, and organizing for fair wages, and generally rabble rousing. good soundtrack to have on your speakers at work, eh?

off to the port and poker game tonight, in the wild woods of Lincoln. i'm still kicking myself for missing December's game; i'd forgotten that the best vintages (as in, 1945 or so) are broken out for the end-of-year 'fest. eh. and of course, that was the night i didn't get to see Dido, because the Bangles decided to open and then i had to leave... eh! anyway, it'll be nice to get out there tonight. haven't seen the gang in a while, and i'm in just the right kind of mood to loose some small change playing very badly. i've never played very well after that first time out. i very nearly got banned after the first venture, because despite the fact i was learning poker for the first time that night (really!), i cleaned the table. they had a hard time believing it was beginner's luck, but i swear, they've gotta believe it now, because i'm usually out of the game in the first hour now. it's a friendly game, small change, and they aren't that competitive; good time all around. hopefully someone thinks to fire up the wood stove in the shack before we get out there. one time last year i ended up playing with my gloves on for a while, because the shack hadn't been pre-toasted; not a fun way to try to hold your cards.

ran a zillion errands last night, including getting a hair cut, shopping for a couch (which is becoming a monumental pain in the ass), food shopping and getting a 'scrip refilled. oh yeah - got a fleecy thing and a silk shirt at the Gap on sale. the fleecy thing is nice and toasty...mmmmm. nice fleecy thing. we like warm fleecy things. *g* house is restocked, cats are fed, meds are there (and thank you to the woman who switched over my insurance coverage at the pharmacy, despite the fact i didn't have my new card - you rock!), and i just vegged when i got home. sipped me some nice chardonnay (Talus is very decent, as i expected it would be, since the red was great), caught up with a few friends, and generally mellowed out to the jazz show on 'GBH. nights like that let me feel a little more in control of my life, which is good. and my two closest friends came thru in flying colors - sweetie is going to stay with me the night before the trial, and my best friend will be there with me that day. can i just say - these people are amazing, and help me to feel safe and centered about this whole thing. well, safe and centered in general, 'cuz they're good like that.

whoops... the train whistle just blew - frenchy came by to let me know it's time to head on out and catch our ride to the poker game. may the cards be with me tonight!

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