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what do you mean, it's not allergies?


feeling kinda how a girl feels

crap, crap, crappity ass. i think i'm getting sick again. man, does the fun never end?

they say when things get bad, the shit hits the fan. there is no fan anymore. it exploded some time last week. now there's just a corporate troll with his reeking breath and sweaty armpits standing over me, shitting directly on my head.

the other shoe finally dropped, and the layoffs i've been expecting for some time happened today. corporate wide, consolidations, leaner meaner business, least impact here, yada yada, blah bling blah. bite me. i'm, fortunately, still employed. yes, troll or no troll, i'm glad to have a steady income. but when your boss says he's laughing because if he doesn't, he'll cry? not a good place to be. and i think he meant it, too. welcome to my world, where you do everything not to weep uncontrollably.

it's just been rough, rough, rough. and the current project isn't going well. i reached such a breaking point yesterday that i sat at my desk crying for about 10 minutes. yo - your job should never do that to you. y'know, i read a great quote a while back, and it keeps floating thru my head. check out this entry from Quoted - AllTheRage pretty much nails it on the head. how referential is that? i've told a bunch of people about his description of his job, but i'd much rather you went and read it there. go on. go ahead. he doesn't bite. i'll wait here. ::spaces out for a few minutes:: ah, back? good. isn't that just the perfect description? thought you might be amused.

oh, lord... i think i'm gonna head home, stoke up on cold medicine, and see if i can just rage thru whatever this mysterious annoying ailment is. i feel like a very bad gym buddy, as i've bagged on my friend two days running now, once for stress and once for sicky bleah nastiness. i don't want to be home sick tomorrow. someone here said i was nuts, because things are so bad in the home office that a day off would be good. i pointed out that the key part of that sentiment was 'not wanting to be sick'. so, lots of vitamin C, echinacea, honey tussin, and bad TV. not necessarily in that order.

hey, if you're looking around for some very creative people, look over here. i just finished my spring collab for them (no, i don't count myself as very creative), and finally went to see what everyone else had done. what a diverse group of people! ::sniffle:: so check them out. and stay well - it's no fun being sick.

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