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well, the monthly poker game got bumped back a day, due to the Fourth. and despite the general mayhem involved in getting there, it was great fun.

mmm. actually part of it wasn't fun. i uninvited a friend, in part due to recent events. i wasn't looking forward to that conversation, and it was just as painful as i thought it would be. but even if i had been willing to deal with the tension, i was unwilling to involve others by putting all that in the middle of the game. and in a karmic sort of payback, my dad called shortly after that, and gave me a bit of a smackdown. bleah. resolved, but a reminder that the energy you put out there comes back to you.

*any*way. called K and convinced him to cancel dinner with his parents and come out to grill and game. gave him a good excuse, too, as he has plenty of time to get together with them tomorrow for the Fourth. *g*

of course, it was a three ring circus trying to get out there. much back and forth on the cell phones about plans and destinations and rendezvous points. would have been much easier had i in fact turned the *ringer* up on my phone. that would explain why i kept missing calls, wouldn't it?

headed out to Bread and Extortionists, willing to pay far too much money for food and beverage, because it was easier and guaranteed to be tasty. picked up some steaks already marinated in ginger and teryaki, SaladInABag - baby spinach with a sesame dressing and chopped peanuts, smoked bluefish pat¸ and some crostini crackers, a few things of fresh strawberries, little chocolate cookies that looked like pretzels, a loaf of bread, gouda with mustard seeds, aged Leicester, and manchego. also a huge bottle of lime seltzer for me, some herbal bug spray, and a lemon verbena as a house gift. as i was finishing up, i realized i'd missed a call, and rang K back. amazing how distracted you can be while on one of those thingies; can't really remember much of picking out the last few groceries.

turns out that not only did he not know which BnC i meant, but his car had overheated in the driveway. he was stuck on the subway when i called. finally worked out that we could meet up by City Hall. wended my way back, plopped down on the lawn in tree shade, and quite happily watched everyone slope by as i waited.

oh, what a glorious breeze once we got out on the highway! drove maybe a tad faster than i should have, just to enjoy the air. didn't keep me from sweating so muchg that there was a butt print on my seat when we got there, of course. there were still nice hot coals in the grill, thankfully. delegated the Guy Stuff to K, and sliced up the strawberries for later. yes, i'm quite happy to play the girlie part when it suits me. :)

dinner was funny, as the dinner table had been moved into the bedroom, where there was air conditioning. dining chez Wayne... i guess you had to be there. steaks were deeeelicious. i don't often indulge, but when i do - yum.

small group for poker, but fun. much low key silliness, and air conditioning, and tawny port (Noval and ...Crofts, i think). i like my poker friends. *grin*

headed back kinda sorta early, because i didn't want to deal with unmarked turns and highways tired, and the heat has left me more tired than usual. dropped into the Gs for a little chat (haven't seen K in nearly a month, and we've been doing a lot of catching up this week), plopped him in a cab, and headed home myself. quite happily, i have the next four days off, and can sleep as late as i damn well please tomorrow. such a luxury to not have to wake up to an alarm!

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