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feh. nothing like saving up all the projects for the last minute, is there? so, in case you didn't have a chance to catch them as they flew by, i did my collabs for Interpretations - The More Things Change; for Journeys (second one this month) - Looking Backwards, Moving Forwards, Standing Still; and Shadows and Light - Playing in the Shadows. the first two i'm rather please with, because they seem to be companion pieces of a sort. the last one didn't really come out the way i wanted it to, but check it out and see what you think.

it's been cold and sleety here this weekend, and i've really done not much more than sleep, write, sleep, eat, write, and sleep. i feel like i should be doing more than that. ah - maybe i'll make a cake for the party tonight. we have reservations for dinner at 9:30 (how fashionably European of us), but there's a party here at the house, and we'll most likely come back soon after midnight to take part in the festivities. anyway, it's easier to be at a party where all you need to do is walk upstairs to crash for the night than stay at the restaurant and worry about whether it's going to start snowing or sleeting again. yeah, baby... i'm all about low impact. 8)

i wanted to get a proper entry up for today, just to explain the flurry of projects, and because i feel i've been slacking a bit. but i'm working on my honey's machine, and he's sitting on the floor behind me, working on another machine to replace this one, and the clock is ticking. he wants to spend the whole weekend geeking away, and that means taking apart all three machines and reconfiguring them. tip for today: never stand between a geek and his toys. *g*

Happy New Year, everyone - enjoy the night in whatever way suits your fancy, but please be careful. i want you all here to enjoy the new year. :)

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