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it's a tamper downer!


feeling kinda how a girl feels

kids are a great invention. whoever came up with that idea should get a gold star. :)

i've had some funny experiences with my niece, The Bean, lately. and i got to meet a very cool junior sailor last week. and i had a chance to say hi to D4 (adorable tyke - he's gonna be a lady killer someday.)

Chica also told me some very funny stories about a friend's son. her friend is a very crunchy granola peacenik, in the best sense, as is her husband. and somehow, they ended up with a little bundle of BoyPower.

he loves nothing more than building things and taking things apart. Chica was over one day, and she and her friend heard this metallic thumping from the bathroom.

'honey, what are you doing?'

'i'm tamping things down!'

(pause) 'okay. what're you using?'

'i'm usin' a tamper-downer!' he crowed, as he stuck his head around the corner.

turns out he was using some sort of bike pump thingie turned upside down to tamp down the tiles. because, you know, they need tamping.

BoyPower also hung out with Chica's wife while she was doing some work on the house. she gave BoyPower little safety goggles, and i think a hard hat, and had him helping out with some plastering. now, BoyPower is very excited about tools. he has a collection of toy ones. but he'd never seen a sawzall before. apparently, his eyes got really big as Chica's wife explained what it was, and then he ran down the hall.

'mom, does dad have a sawzall?'

'no, i don't think so, honey.'

this was not a good answer. BoyPower couldn't understand why dad doesn't have a sawzall. then the doorbell rang, and BoyPower went over with his mom to let in the mailman. he ran up to the door, and said to the mailman, 'do you have a sawzall?' turns out he did.

'mom, even the *postman* has a sawzall!'

hee hee hee... *giggle* wish i could have been a fly on the wall for that one.

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