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Tony Soprano inspects my car.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

so, what i forgot to mention yesterday is that i managed to render my ass flammable. no, really.

see, i refilled the Zippo before i left the house, wiped off all the fuel, and then tucked it in my pocket. those of you who have Zippos are seeing the problem with this. i didn't light it to burn off the extra fuel.

and about half way thru the drive down, i felt something poking me in the ass. i figured maybe it was my pocket knife, or keys... nope. it was the lighter. and i now have a lovely burn mark on my ass. goddess forbid that i end up in the ER for anything. 'so, how did you burn your ass?' 'well, doctor, it's like this....' hmph.


nothing like a little procrastination, eh? today is the last day of the month. and i went to get my car inspected at lunchtime, along with all the other Johnny come latelys.

fortunately, i timed it pretty well and only had to wait about half an hour. i took it to a place my mechanic recommended. truly, i would not have gone there if not for the recommendation. the place looks a little fly by night. but the guys were good.

okay, they were good, but they were scary. when i pulled up, i was directed around by the One Armed Paper Hanger. and the place is run by a guy who is a dead ringer for Tony Soprano. .:note to self: do not piss off guy who inspected your car.:.


my brain appears to be in some sort of hyperdrive, obsessing about Bad Things. i had a horrifying dream the other night, one of the very few out of body dreams i've ever had.

in the dream, there was a soul snatcher hiding in the corner of my bedroom. as i walked into the room, i started floating - first just levitating a bit, and then floating horizontally. and then he pulled me right out of my body.

ever have one of those dreams where you can feel everything? not just see and touch, but you have the body sensation?

i woke up screaming. i started screaming, and woke myself up, still screaming.

needless to say, i didn't sleep well.

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