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more like guidance counselling


feeling kinda how a girl feels

i should clarify, since a few people have asked about yesterday's events - tribunal court isn't very much like real court, at least not in my interactions. i've been to real court. several times. faced down the wench who assaulted me, won the case, and got her subsequent charges against me (wtf?) thrown out.

this wasn't anything like that. the fat fucknut of an ex wasn't there. there was no confrontation. it was just me talking with the judge. yes, there was a little friction, but that's to be expected. she and i see the world in fundamentally different ways. and it's her *job* to poke around to verify the facts.

really, it was more like seeing your guidance counsellor in high school. we sat in her fairly bland office, on couches with floral upholstery, and walked thru the various statements for an hour and a half. she tried to push me in a direction that she felt was appropriate, i got irritated and stood my ground, and when all was said and done, we shook hands.

just like talking to my guidance counselor.


there's a miscellany of stuff coming up this weekend. i had thought i would head down to New York to catch up with some friends, but that never really came together, in part because of inertia on my part. there's been too much going on lately for me to feel up to a road trip. i decided to stick around this weekend instead. or, more accurately, i decided nothing, and ended up at home.

so rather than a road trip, i have a blind date tonight, a sailing day, and not much else. i feel like i want to spend some time cleaning, and futzing, and napping. i want some down time.

i suppose i can't really complain about things being busy lately. it's my own doing. dipping into the dating world has certainly kept me occupied. and you know what? i find that i'm frankly not all that interested. it's been pleasant enough, don't get me wrong. but i'm becoming fiercely protective of my 'me' time, having shared much of my free time with others.

i'm also a little edgy because several friends are skating on the edge of large changes. all i can do is wait, and listen, and hope for the best.

oh, man... i really need a day on the water, where my biggest concern is hauling in a line.

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