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feeling kinda how a girl feels

i can tell i'm distracted. i have a zillion words bumbling around in my head. i want to write. i need to write. but instead, i've been playing around with lots and lots of new toys for web.

don't get me wrong - i like new toys. but really, you can only take so many online quizzes. and how many bells and whistles does one site really need?

but i can't focus long enough to string together coherent stories. and i don't want to just babble insipidly along (present entry excepted, of course. *g*) it's a conflict of interest, really. i want to write, and think that writing every day, good, bad or ugly, is part of the 'pursuit of the craft' (yes, that whistling noise was the sound of me air quoting my ass off). then again, there's plenty of dredge to be read, and i don't want to add to that.

i'm still a bit off balance, i think. manic, really. crying at the drop of a hat (or the mention of a cat) (and i can't even bring myself to rewrite that, even tho it sounds like insanely bad poetry), then giggling my head off at the silly bits, because in contrast, they're even sillier than normal. an extra 10% funny, in fact, altho you can't check.

*sigh* i think i'll just try to ride this out, rather than bashing thru it. writing goes in cycles. interestingly, the writing cycle seems to have a unique sort of life if you're posting online, not just in a paper journal. and i think it's exactly because of the confluence of toys, technology, audience, and plain old writing.

when i get my writing groove back on, i'm sure there's an entry or two to be had out of that last bit. but for now, i'm off to find a nifty new gadget for the site.

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