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feeling kinda how a girl feels

it's hot. it's really freakin' hot here. it's been ridiculously hot for nearly three days. define ridiculously hot? okay, fine. hovering around 100 with something like 90% humidity. actually, i have no idea how humid it really is, but it feels like you could wring out the air. and the heat index is stupid hot.

i'm praying the heat will break soon, because all i want to do is nap, but sleep isn't really possible. and i'm worried about the kittens, who don't have the option of taking off the fur. plus, in the self-pity category, i haven't been able to get the air conditioning fixed in the car yet, so pretty much, i get up, shower, dry off, drive to work, and dry off again.

it's too damn hot to write anything sensible. maybe i'll just... eh. i can't even think of anything good. *rummages around* ah. how about this? it's not the most intelligent thing i could post, but ... you know what? i don't even have the patience for that. i'm so damn hot, that i'm sticking to my desk chair.

you know when you get so hot tht having a milkshake for lunch sounds like a good idea? that's what i did this week. and fruit smoothies. mango fruit smoothies, nice and cold, so cold my throat feels frozen.

at least i have something i could nuke for dinner if i felt like eating. yes, like the brilliant soul i am, i baked a chicken last night. mm hmm. sounds like a good thing to do when it's already broiling hot in your kitchen, right?

there was a small break in the heat-induced insanity last night. caught up with K, and went to see Tim's band play. i dressed in as little as possible, assuming there would be no AC in the club. there was AC, and good, crankin' electric blues, and gin and tonics. it was nice to catch up with K, and good to hear the band, and lovely to sip G and Ts in the cool.

sadly, i came back to a still sweltering bedroom. even with the blizzard fan cranked up, and in the buff, it was too damn hot.

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