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birthday countdown: 17 days.

today didn't start well. not at all. first: no hot water. i'm behind on the utility bills, but not that far. i haven't gotten The Yellow Envelope of Death yet. so before caffeine, i go down to check on the water heater.

no pilot light. and i can't get it relit. 20 minutes of crawling around in the dirt, and no luck. bah.

while i'm down there, i remember a load of line dry laundry i'd left in the washer a few days ago. i go to retrieve it.

it's gone.

i hunt thru all three dryers and two washers (note: only one of each works), and no laundry. that's $500 worth of clothes, gone. i've lived here 6 years, and never had an issue. we fold for each other, put things in the dryer, bag things up, and there's never been an issue.

The. Laundry. Is. Gone.

i'm the only woman tenant in the house. what the fuck are they going to do with size 6 dresses? even if they did drag, the dresses wouldn't fit.

so i trudge back upstairs, take an ice cold shower, leave notes for both my neighbors, and drive off to work. i'm sure something stupid happened on the way to work, as there were four things on my piss list at one point.

i get to work, pull in, and walk to the elevator with L. the doors open, i step in, and look down to see a pile of dog crap on the elevator floor. some fucknut let their dog take a crap on the elevator. i took a cold shower. someone pissed me off on the drive in. and my laundry is Missing.

needless to say, this called for some retail therapy before i blew my last remaining gasket. so i went. the score was good. to wit: an orange plastic box for the tapes in my car. two new CDs (am i the only one who hadn't heard Busted Stuff last summer?). cards for friends. postcards for a second grader in California doing a project. a candy necklace for L. buttons for the car. a monkey sticker for M. a Marge Simpson pop for D. treats for friends. a book for mom. a few stickers for my car. i spent some time in the garage cleaning my car, putting new plate frames on, and whapping the stickers on the bumper. also, put a bunch of buttons on the ceiling, including one that says 'if there's such a thing as karma, i'm so fucked'. and i got the trash bag set up on the back of the passenger seat. yes, i am that compulsive. ;)

i feel much better, having gotten silly things for me and treats for friends. and i also found out that the pile of dog doo was actually a small, dead bat. the hell? how it ever got on there, i can't figure out. just sort of fits with the wierd of the day, tho.

when i got home - my laundry was returned, as was my screwdriver. and i got an email from one of my local haunts, with a gift certificate for a birthday entr¸e. i would have appreciated it anyway, but it was especially gratifying today. nice to know that sometimes, the shit runs back uphill.

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