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Vagina. there, was that so hard to say?


feeling kinda how a girl feels

on the CD player right now: Unpretty by TLC.

awesome, awesome, awesome.

i had the great good fortune to see The Vagina Monologues this past weekend. it was the bright, bright point in an otherwise miserable weekend.

the downsides involved a lot of migraines, not getting much done, and generally feeling overwhelmingly sad. that boy broke my heart again, and i find myself standing in the shower weeping, or staring at the floor for long periods of time. it's a rough road these days. and the migraines were bad enough to make me throw up. you ever want to wish pure evil on your enemies, wish a migraine on them. oh, and i forgot it was daylight savings time. see? this is what happens when you don't say 'rabbit rabbit' on the first of the month.

anyway, we had a long and productive shopping trip to Targè (otherwise known as Target) Saturday, and a venture to Building 19 7/8 in search of rugs. Building 19? scared the shit out of me. some of that stuff just shouldn't be made, let alone sold. Targè was fun, as always, and of course i spent far too much money. it was worth it, tho. peaches had her eye on a set of radio control cars. man, talk about kid in a candy store. one glimpse of those cars, and she was gone. so we did a little subterfuge, and i managed to buy them and get them into the car (a little convertible) without her seeing them. she sure didn't make it easy, tho. me: 'oh, i'm almost done. hey, could you take this plant for me, and i'll meet you at the car?' her: 'that's fine, we can wait.' sonia: 'hey, she said she'd meet us at the car. ::meaningful look:: let's meet her at the car.' whoofdy. it worked, and she was excited. very cool.

i also got the Harry Potter board game - the one like Clue. i very nearly got the Trivial Pursuit-like one, but as peaches pointed out, more people can play the other one, which would be nice. anyone wants to play, drop me a note. 8)

and amidst the sleet and general hell that was Friday, i never got a ticket for the Vagina Monologues. finally, Friday night, i decided to hoof it on down to the Theatre District to see if i could score a ticket. i did briefly contemplate trying to hunt down Roland, but as it turns out, that wasn't necessary. the 5:00 show had just let out, and, salmon-like, i got to the box office. 'any tickets left?' 'no. how many do you need?' ignoring the general surreal quality of the statement, i said 'one - just me.' and somehow, the woman dug up a single ticket on the aisle, third row mezzanine - exactly what i was hoping for. treated myself to dinner, read some Dali Lama, and headed back for the show.

oh. my. goddess. you *have* to see this show. it is amazing. and i was so happy to see Eve Ensler performing, not something she does all that much. what a performance - Eve, seated on her tall bistro chair, black spaghetti strap dress and bare feet, with toes painted red to match the rug. the whole thing is a love song to the female body, by turns funny, exhilerating, painful, and ecstatic. go see it. take someone you love. go with your mom. give tickets to your friends. go. go, and go again. you will walk out with a smile on your face and in your heart. just go.

i also heard David Sedaris speak Sunday. the man is a freak, in the best sense of the word. great, funny takes on life, crystal meth, France and dogs. it was nice to hear a voice to go with his words. he took questions after reading for nearly an hour and a half, and his answers were just as tickle your funny bone amusing. someone asked him what he thought of Bush. pause, sip of water, 'not *my* President.' (i hadn't realized Sedaris moved to France a few years ago.) now, i have no idea if he made this up or saw it somewhere, but he said that someone was offering a new BMW or some other $25,000 car for free, the caveat being you had to leave the Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on it. 'and that is what we call a moral dilemma.' yes, indeed.

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