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today was a disconnect sort of day. no, no, not in that bad way! i just needed some quality 'me' time, and finally figured that ignoring email and the phone was the way to do it. i've shut down the store a couple of times in the past week or so, but still didn't have the mental balance back, not the way i've needed to. (hush, you. no wise cracks.) so i turned the volume off on the answering machine, and puttered along at whatever pace my body dictated.

i did have one chore to run in the morning; took grey cat to the vet for a pedicure (pawdicure?). the vets love it when she comes in. they think she's gorgeous (which she is) and the best behaved cat they've met. of course, she doesn't love it when she comes in. she mewled all the way to the vet. but now she has pretty paws, and i won't have to worry about the claws cutting her pads. yeah, honey, i'm sorry i have to do that to you, but as we both get older, i find we both need a little more maintenance.

the odd thing is that the PITA cat, who usually raises a royal stink about everything, actually lets me clip his claws at home. huh. who'da thunk?

other than that, i just tinkered. read some, organized some, napped some, read some more, and made a run to the grocery store. stocked up on a bunch of basics, pre-holiday weekend madness, got irritated with the price of corn ($4 for 3 scrimy ears, and they weren't even fresh), got a new fan for the bedroom that sounds like a wind tunnel, and broke down and bought myself a Swiffer Wet. o, happy day! this thing makes me so happy! i probably hadn't mopped, other than spot cleaning in ... (mumbles) ... oh, never mind. way too long, let's just put it that way. but with the Swiffer Wet - damn!

(sung to the tune of O Tannenbaum)

O Swiffer Wet, O Swiffer Wet!
How handy is your squirt jet!
O Swiffer Wet, O Swiffer Wet!
How handy is your squirt jet!

No need for bucket, mop and grime,
You make me happy at chore time -
O Swiffer Wet, O Swiffer Wet,
How handy is your squirt jet!

okay, okay, i'm not so happy that i like doing my chores. but not having a stinky mop drying in the corner, or having to lug around a bucket of cleaner solution, makes it infinitely more tolerable. between that, the new fan (which vibrates the floor a little and makes it sound like a car backing up... got to figure out how to damp that), and the permission to not do a damn thing or talk to anyone, it was a pretty fine day.

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