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i'm a little too tired (having done 35 hours straight) to type up a proper entry, so here are a few snippets from my life - the edited version of an IM chat with a friend. i'll tell you entire stories later, but for now, all i can give you is the Cliff Notes version. :)

me: hello!

he: Hey!

he: so how ya been?

me: pretty okay.

me: late night last night... worked a show.

he: ah how'd that go?

me: surprisingly well.

me: sold out show (Alicia Keyes), and no seating problems.

he: impressive

me: very good audience, and a ton of ushers, so we had more than enough coverage.

me: three cleanups (including Spaghetti Girl), but that was it.

he: Spaghetti Girl?

me: her nickname - that was what she chucked.

he: oh heh heh

me: the nice part was, that story had a great ending.

me: got it cleaned up, got Spaghetti Girl moved, so the woman in front of her stopped freaking out.

me: and then i was trying to reseat the couple next to SG.

me: as i'm explaining to them that i can give them jump seats down front - closer to the stage but not as good sight lines - the couple standing next to us jumps in.

me: they said 'well, we're just going to stand thru the whole show (read: drink beer, which you can't do at your seat), so why don't you take our seats?

me: their seats were center section, 20 rows from the stage.

he: serendipitous.

me: shit like that never happens. sort of restores your faith in the human race.

he: or in fate

me: *nod*

me: made me feel pretty good.

he: that's good. love those moments

me: yeah; we all went out for a beer afterwards for the obligatory bitch session, and i got to tell that story, so everyone was happy.

me: brb - kettle is boiling.

he: ok!

me: i have this bad habit of setting the kettle to boil, and then getting on the computer and forgetting, so i set a timer.

he: you're a wise one

me: fear of burning the house down.

he: heh

me: 'did i leave the gas on? no! i'm a fucking squirrel!'

he: ?

me: heh... Eddie Izzard quote.

me: sorry - i tend to channel Eddie.

me: he's talking about that look that squirrels sometimes get, when they pause nibbling on a nut, as if to say... 'did i leave the gas on?'

he: hehheh

me: there's some ad on TV these days where one of they guys says he wants to banish the sound of dial up modems forever.

me: and the first time i heard that, i went 'yeah!'

he: heh

me: someone was actually using a dial up in the office the other day, and i walked around to find out where the noise was coming from.

he: then what did u do?

me: looked very puzzled. we have a T1 line.

me: someone was testing dialup on a laptop.

he: ah heh

me: i procrasinated a lot, so i have a ton of shit to get done today.

me: ow!

me: (bruised my knee the other day, and just whacked it on the desk)

he: yeeeeouch

me: oh yeah. i a fit of overwhelming grace, i missed the last step on the stairs, and sprawled on my face in front of everyone.

he: awww

me: in my defense, the place was dark, and the bottom step was the only one painted black.

he: heh

me: quinn had sent me upstairs to check on something (because he's too indolent to do it himself), so *everyone* was watching for me to come back down.

he: heh

me: no one had warned me i was supposed to be the entertainment for the evening.

he: it's funny but not very nice

me: eh. it wasn't that bad, and makes for a good story.

me: my knees are usually bruised anyway, as i regularly whack into the metal strut under my desk at work.

me: you'd think i'd catch on after a few years...

he: heehee

he: sounds like me.

he: I have a tendency to do the same thing to hurt myself over and over.

me: maybe Pavlov didn't have it quite right.

me: eh. i should probably get started on my projects.

he: possibly a good idea.

me: (do you sense a little reluctance?)

me: so much to do, so few hours...

he: tell me about it

me: don't think i need to.

he: heh

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