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update: grey kitty is home today. i ducked out of work early today to pick her up, and stayed home for the afternoon, so she would know that i hadn't abandoned her. (side note: she is one hefty kitty. lugging her home from the vet was no treat.) she's alert, and pretty happy. still having trouble getting up on things like the window ledge and the sofa, but other than that, not too bad.

she spent the first hour pacing around to make sure that things were still where she left them. hop up on the window seat, jump down and check the toy basket, nose around the pile of magazines, walk into the bedroom to check her spot on the corner of the bed, come back into the kitchen to have a nibble, repeat as necessary.

she and i are none too happy about the antibiotics, but there you go. you try pinning down a large cat, opening her mouth with one hand, and squirting a dropperful of medicine down her throat with the other. takes a lot of practice to get that right. and with her new shiny clean teeth? whoo hoo.

the upside of taking the afternoon off is that i got to take it easy for a bit. i started sneezing on the way in to work this morning, and it's quickly becoming apparent that this is not allergies. i'm hoping it's one of those 24 or 48 hour things, that i can just dose up on NyQuil and be done with it. the beginning of the holiday season is no time to be getting sick (as if there's ever a good time for it). i sort of wonder if it's not sympathy pangs; a few of my friends are also down this week. and no, i haven't seen them, so i can't blame them for this, much as i would like to. ;)

*hooooo* and i did scoot off to Job #2 tonight. i wanted to hear the show - Ibrahim Ferrer, of Buena Vista Social Club renown. he and the orchestra are wonderful, and he has an amazing amount of energy for someone near 80. he danced around the stage thru the whole show, nearly two hours.

sadly, we were woefully understaffed tonight. maybe a third the number of ushers we need. so it made for a hectic and messy evening. the most you can really do in a situation like that is point people to the general vicinity of their seats. invariably, they get it wrong. and then you have to fix it. *frown* not the best of nights.

Frick and Frack were working tonight - didn't get to talk with them. a friend i haven't seen in a year and a half came in - didn't get a chance to talk to him. i'll have to call tomorrow or drop him a line to see what he thought of the show. when we were finally done, i hid in the coat room and listened from there. yeah, the sound is pretty good in there. and there are no crowds. i was finally able to sit back, sniffle, and listen to the music.

one very sweet car ride home later (saved me from the rain and cold), and i've doped up on cold meds again. a little tea, and i'm done for the night. maybe i could just sleep out this cold? wishful thinking, i know, but a girl can dream, can't she?

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