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pimpin' for cash, and the grunting hedgehog.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

there's nothing like walking by a bakery to make you hungry.

that's all there is to that thought; no story. just craving fresh bread right now.


it's amazing what one will do for a little fast cash. hiked my way out to Waltham tonight to participate in a focus group, which was supposed to be on biotech but turned out to be on e-commerce. it was an interesting discussion (plus they fed me a roast beef sandwich and paid me moolah in cash - yay) in that i spent half the time trying to size up the rest of the participants and the other half trying to explain why i wouldn't want to move to Connecticut to work for an e-commerce company. apparently, there are about 3,000 of them in the lovely state of Connecticut. suprised me. the group was pretty much as i expected - 10 of us, 8 guys, 2 women, mostly middle aged, nearly all white, and all of us bloody opinionated. i mean, that's why they chose us for a focus group, but i find that geeks around here are both literate and stubborn, which is sometimes fun and sometimes plain annoying. we spent two hours dissecting the e-commerce industry, where the hot spots are, and what makes them the hot spots. not a bad way to earn some Christmas cash. it was kind of a drag to train it out and back, but them's the breaks when you don't have a car.

speaking of cars... can i say how much i hate my fellow Boston drivers? on the way back, i was walking thru Porter Square, and started to cross at a red light. with a walk light, mind you. joey moroney does a California stop at the fully red light, and then peels his way thru the intersection, narrowly missing clipping me. and his window was rolled partway down... the kiss of death. i let out such a string of foul suggestions at top volume to make sure he heard me that a gentleman a block away turned around to see what the problem was. i was vaguely mortified that he had turned to check, and clapped a hand over my mouth. whoops. *bashful grin*


i can't even tell you how much i laughed at sarah's latest entry on the holidays. the woman is gifted, yo. i was laughing so hard i had to get up and walk away from my desk for a few minutes, because of course i was reading this at work, and disrupting my co-workers. i'm so gonna get fired... 8) her take on trying to buy gifts for Dad had me in stitches. go check her out, give her mad love.


i completely forgot to tell the hedgehog story yesterday; i think the phone rang while i was writing and i lost track of where i was.

when we took the cat to the vet Friday, we were milling around looking at toys and carriers, and i saw the hedgehog. this toy makes me crazy. it's a fuzzy dog toy that grunts. frenchy has one for his greyhounds, and i damn near lost it when we were watching a movie one night, because the dogs kept mawing on this thing and making it grunt. eh! i tell my sweetie about this, then go up to pay for the princess's manicure. when i turn around, sweetie is standing there looking mischevious, with his hands behind his back. 'oh, no... oh, no, you're not gonna...' 'sure! i'm going to get it for Nickie.' this is what i get for opening my mouth, people. if i hadn't, he would never have seen the damn hedgehog. Nicoletta, fortunately, just carries it around, not making it grunt.

she did, however, de-pedify (defoot?) the poor thing. i don't really know if she ate the feet or what, but the hedgehog now only has little front paws and stubs where his feet used to be.

but the scariest part is yet to come... we were lying in bed the next morning, and i made some comment about the damn grunty hedgehog.

and my honey. grunted. at . me. like the hedgehog.

i could not have been more horrified. lemme tell you, there's nothing *less* romantic than your honey grunting like a small mammal.

well, maybe there is, but i don't want to think about it. 8)

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