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feeling kinda how a girl feels

doggie sitting mission completed successfully. 8) funny thing is, i offered off the bat to help out, then panicked about being a good dog person (which i've never been). the thing i learned this weekend? i can do that just fine. seriously, mastering clean up was the toughest thing.

courtesy of frenchy, a few snaps of the puppies.

the fawn puppy on the left is Dash. he's a tad bigger than that now.

and this is King. he has very silly ears which tend to flop every which way, often indepently of each other.

they were angels for me this weekend, responding to voice and hand commands with very little fuss, which was cool. i mean, they know me and i know them, but i'm almost never the one being Alpha Dog. most interesting moment: when i went to bed the first night. it's a small bed. they both decided to sleep with me. much negotiating ensued. ;) because, really, fitting one person and two dogs on a full size bed just isn't that easy.

and today has been all about placating the cats. they do fine on their own, but are a bit miffed that i wasn't there to cater to their whims all weekend. i figure i'll get the furry cold shoulder for a day or two, and then we'll be back to them ignoring me just because.

random question: what comes after two days of rain? answer: Monday. wouldn't you know it rained most of the long weekend, and tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous, just as we head back to the office. hope you all had a lovely weekend. back tomorrow with more than just pictures.

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