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maybe i should go to the happy place.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

so i'd collected some birthday presents yesterday, and was going to save the mailing/delivering sort of thing til today. but then it donned on me that my best friend and her girlfriend could really use a little ray of sunshine after a day that just sucked rhino butt. i was getting ready to leave the office (after an 11 hour day... don't ask, just know that the saga continued today), and swung by their place instead of heading home. dropped off a birthday gift for peaches, and loaned the two Harry Potter schoolbooks to my friend, and ended up staying to play Rummy 500. we spent most of the game commiserating, watching What about Joan?, and forgetting whose turn it was. not a bad way to spend an evening.

and despite the fact i have a pretty free schedule these days, sans boyfriend, i feel like i have less and less time to get things done. i mean, i've been trying to get to the bank for a week and a half. and i need to get to the bank to get some information for my taxes, information that they either never mailed or that went AWOL. i have to get three or four pieces of writing done. i need to mail a present to my brother in law. i have to get some chores done around the house before sentient life forms spawn in my sink and take over the house. i'm trying to get to a show before it closes - on Sunday. and my whole weekend is already packed with things that have to happen, so i don't know where all the stuff that i don't get done during the week will fit.

perhaps human cloning isn't such a bad idea after all. sure, it potentially violates all sorts of ehtical boundaries, and there's no way we could make every doctor/scientist swear to use their powers only for good, but, hey - if it meant there was a miniMe to run errands, clean the litter box, scrub the bathroom, remember to call Mom, and finesse my tax forms? i think i could be okay with it.

that, in case you didn't notice, was sarcasm. the whole idea of cloning humans scares the living shit out of me. cloning animals is pretty repugnant to start with. the fact that we'll move on to people (and we will, because the challenge is there) is terrifying. you could argue that it's just a mechanical version of the reproducing we do anyway. nuh uh. i don't buy that for a second. and it's not as if we really need more people on the face of this poor overpopulated planet. we're straining the resources given to us already. feh. don't get me started... oh, wait. you didn't. that was all about me, that rant was. can you tell i'm a little punchy?

we're on the short runway with the current project at work. it gets shorter every day. amidst the crunch, things are blowing up left and right. it's difficult to feel like we're making progress, but there are ugly corporate trolls breathing down our necks (they don't use mouthwash much) who insist that there's only one direction - forward. right over the fucking cliff. and a corporate 'benefits' memo came out today, blindsiding all the managers who had no idea it was coming, and no answers to the inevitable questions. i use the term benefits loosely. really, we're just getting fucked up the ass a little harder. oh, no, there's *no* love lost between me and corporate.

::sigh:: alright, fine. i give. i give up. i don't care, and i don't give a shit. i can't. you're making me crazy, Job o' Mine. so i'm leaving. for the day, anyway. i'm gonna go get my hair cut because it's making me mental in it's own way, grab a bottle of wine, go over a friend's and get some graphics work done, then go home and pour my heart and soul into some writing projects, because i'm sure as hell not going to pour them into my job anymore.

and damned if i didn't just hit 'print' instead of 'preview'. augh! no! please! make it stop! (did i mention my period is about to start?)

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