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well, today was a little bit of everything.

first: boss #1 left today. i have a whole lot of mixed feelings about this. most of it's not worth going into here, as it involved a number of years of complicated politics, but let's just say that i wish things had ended on a more up note than they did.

second: took boss #2 out for farewell drinks after work. yes, you read that right. two bosses in two weeks. i think that's a record, even for me. even if i was feeling all perky about my job, that would be rough. and since i'm not perky about my job (or anything ever, really), it hasn't been all that fun.

third: went to watch a few friends perfom some street magic. actually, Lucky was doing his juggling act with a little magic thrown in. it was great fun to plunk myself down and watch two and a half shows. juggling, and skateboards, and magic, and flames and tightropes - oh my! Lucky pulled me in on the juggling thing, and i at least gave him something to work with. he tossed three balls to different people; the first two, he called their names and had them toss the ball to him. so he gets to me. and as i'm tossing the ball, he says 'on the count of three!' *giggle* second try was a bit better. :) and the third act was by an acquaintance i hadn't seen out yet this year. turns out his back has been out of commission for a while, but he's found a good body worker and is back juggling flames and walking the tightrope. yay!

fourth: caught up with a friend who was walking by during the third act. turns out another friend of mine had been into the bar earlier, looking for me. bit odd, as i do have several places where you can call me. and frankly, if you called the bar and asked for me, it would work.

fifth: heard that there's a new life on the face of the earth. one of my friends is now a proud papa. congrats! mama and baby are doing well, and it's all cause for much celebration.

so i felt a bit all over the map today. some good, some bad. i think i'll just kick back a bit this weekend.

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