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first guest entry, ever!


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i was out a few weeks ago, and overheard someone further down the bar say 'i live in a future of my own devising.' you hear the oddest things in a bar. there's a certain sort of Zen beauty in hearing things out of context.

my favorite is still 'in thirty years, the love hasn't changed, but the tolerance has.'

i mentioned all this to my friend drew, and he said he's heard so many good quotes that he keeps a journal of them. my curiosity piqued, i asked if he'd be willing to share. herewith, his contributions, as my very first guest entry ever. whoo hoo! go, drew!

"Not if beautiful is extraordinary, but perhaps beauty has always been very ordinary, and it was just that I couldn't see it." -- Will Self

"My horoscope says that I need to date."

"I love her in a non-loving way."

"I'm not afraid...I'll black out right now."

"Maybe someday I'll be sober enough to understand women."

"Any liquor that's cheaper than milk you gotta not have."

"I think that's my new thing. I'm gonna listen to these retards and try and help 'em out."

"It's a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself.""Out of our quarrels with others we make rhetoric, but out of our quarrels with ourselves, poetry." -- Yeats

"I used to do horrible things."

"When you chew it, it tastes like breakfast."

"It's the bear. We're the flea."

"I like anything that pretends to be meat."

"I'd go for the tote-bag if they had nudity on PBS."

"That's what I want to do: touch Great Whites and not be afraid."

coming soon - a second guest entry, with more silly quotes.

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