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i swear to goddess - i cut and pasted this headline. i did not make it up.

Bush Says He Off to Good Start After 100 Days

do you see a problem with this? are you worried that it's a quote? are you concerned that it might be a direct quote from Prince George? do you wonder why this boy is in charge of our country? 'cuz i do.

i am so loving Ellis Paul these days. i just got a double CD of his live stuff. and i got it because i adore Jim Infantino, of JBE fame. Jim did a collaborative album about 10 years ago, he and three of his friends. they sang together on a few tracks, but mostly, they each got to put up a few tracks. so i adore Jim, i get the album (Resume Speed by End Construction, in case you're wondering, and it's available because it was just re-released), and i really, really like the Ellis Paul tracks. so i was out the other night doing some other gift shopping, and i see the Ellis Paul double CD, for a reasonable price. [ ed. note: am i the only one who thinks CDs are horribly overpriced?] and i have not. been. able. to. take. this. CD. out. of. my. CD player. man... he is wonderful! anyone who can reference Galileo, Ptolemy, and Copernicus and still get you to sing along? gets my vote.

:sigh: today was a lot of stuff. lots. and when i got to work tonight, i was relieved and happy and so grateful for the gift of David Gray's music.

okay - i adore David Gray. he rocks my world. i have three of his albums, and as soon as i can, i'm getting the other two. sharon gave me such a wonderful gift - i got to work f***in' center aisle, down front. y'all, i was *15* feet from David. Gray. yeah!!

i had to work the back of the aisle for most of the show, and that was fine. we have to sit down during the acts, so we're not blocking the patrons' view. all good. i'm sitting maybe 50 feet from the stage. and i had a complete Ally McBeal moment where it was clear that David was singing just for me. 8) aw, yeah. i mean, if you were on stage, there was no way you couldn't see me sitting in the aisle. (so freakin' sue me for the double negative.) and he looked at me. yes, he did. he and i had a little personal moment, where he looked right at me, whilst singing White Ladder. y'all, he sang that song just for me. and he knew i wanted to hear Flame Turns to Blue. yes, he did. it was awesome.

okay, fine. i know. he really sang it for promotional purposes for all 2,800 of us. but indulge me. it's my own personal fantasy, and it's working for me right now.

by the way - the word is trivial. better weird than trivial. i did eventually get it right in my entry, after much exploration of the thesaurus, but i wanted to get it down in writing the correct way. 'cuz, y'know, duplication may sometimes be necessary, but it's never as good as the original.

happy, happy, happy. tonight was all good. and i don't even care that i have about three weeks worth of stuff to get done tomorrow. i know i won't get it all done. grant letters, marketing stuff, mix tapes, HTML wackiness, meeting up with friends, chores at home, things to plan for work...some of it will get done, some won't. Don't. Care. don't care, with a capital K. because tonight was a gift.

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