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it was still too short a weekend.


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somehow, that didn't feel like a four day weekend, did it? this baffles me. i did a little running around on Thursday to get my baking done, but the rest of the weekend was pure lethargy. dinner at Mimi's was very low key; we had a chance to take a nap before going to my best friend's house; dessert there was mellow and fun; we took cold medicine when we went to bed that night and slept *hard*; and that was pretty much the whole weekend, other than puttering and napping.

well, we did wake up in time (just barely) to get grey cat to the vet on Friday. i had trimmed most of her claws last week (thanks, chica, for the help), but the two dew claws were just too close to the pads for comfort. i was afraid to give it a try, on the chance that it would have been very easy to nick the pad and risk an infection. it must be part of getting older for cats; she never used to have trouble keeping her claws down. even tho she has a few scratchie pads and a fair amount of furniture to work on (i don't fool myself that they leave the sofa alone when i'm out), it's getting tougher for her to keep up. i thought about letting her be a guest editor for an entry, so she could properly express her outrage, but since i'm at work and she's at home, that ain't gonna happen. let's just say that while i tried to convince my pretty kitty that going to get a manicure was both essential to good princess grooming, and a treat, she was having none of it. the cats did get extra helpings of roasted turkey kitty food on Turkey Day, which was seen as a real treat.

met up with jaybee on Saturday to do a little surreptitious birthday shopping, and had a really nice time hanging out with him. he picked me up to go to the mall, and the ride alone was a blast - the Mazda Miata has been one of my dream cars since it came out (10 years?), and this was the first time i got to ride in one. i love it even more now. when they came out with the 1990 limited edition in British racing green, with a burlwood dash and tan leather interior, i actually cut out the full page ad and had it tacked up somewhere in my room, just so i could drool over it. i have a real weakness for two-seaters, and the Miata is just adorable. jaybee knew exactly what i was talking about, too, when i mentioned 'limited edition'. the nicest thing about our expedition was that we didn't talk about sweetie at all - and i know, that sounds rude. it sounded rude when i heard it in my head. but what i mean is that jaybee is sweetie's friend, and the person that jaybee and i have in common. i was worried there would be some awkward, 'nice weather we're having; how 'bout those Red Sox?' kind of fumbling when we were hanging out. i shouldn't have worried at all; jaybee is one of the sweeter people i've met, and he and i talked about everything under the sun. he also gave his blessing to my choice of presents, and we got some of his film developed. all in all, a nice time.

Sunday was absolutely miserable in terms of weather, but wonderful in terms of sleeping late. nothing like being curled up in a warm, comfy bed in an attic room, sleepily listening to the rain pound down on the roof before pulling the covers a little closer and rolling over for a little more snoozing. we did our one 'outing' for the weekend that afternoon - went out to the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln to see their exhibit Photography in Boston 1955-1985. it's gotten good write-ups in the local papers, and i was excited to go see it with my sweetie, since photography is one of his loves. i had forgotten that the DeCordova added an entire wing recently, so it was a suprise to pull in and see the museum nearly twice the size i remembered it. it wasn't huge to start with, so it's still a nice size.

the photo exhibit is on the third and fourth floors of the gallery, and the sign by the front desk suggests taking the elevator. in front of the elevator, just to the left of the first sign, is another sign that says the elevator is being ... tempermental. we looked at each other and decided to take the stairs. this brought us out by the middle of the exhibit, and we wanted to see it from the beginning, so we went scurrying thru the various rooms, trying not to peek or run into anyone.

i enjoyed the exhibit far more than i expected to - learning something about photography along the way. remember photograms? you got the packet of light-sensitive paper as a kid, and laid all kinds of stuff on top of it (leaves, Legos, marbles), then stuck it out in the sun and watched it turn blue. this was pretty neat stuff. the photograms in the exhibit were light years (no pun intended) beyond anything i every managed with the paper, and were closer to abstract art than anything i thought you could do with film. here's my favorite of the photograms. some of the gelatin prints, like this one, were hauntingly beautiful. and some of the photos, i just stood and stared at, trying to figure out how on earth anyone could have captured that particular moment, and finally deciding it had to have been a combination of luck and skill. Minor White's work was well-represented (didn't know he was local), and had a sparse elegance to it. most interesting discovery was Harold Edgerton, whose work with the stroboscopic flash was done at MIT. remember the photo of the drop of milk splashing on the red tin surface? or the bullet going thru an apple? those are Edgerton's work. very cool to see those prints. one of the neatest self-portraits: black and white shot down a pier, with an upside down head and shoulders just jutting up over the end, and the mouth is gaping open, maybe yelling, the muscles in the face and shoulders tense enough to stand out. it's by Arno Rafael Minkkinen, and i wish it were up on the museum's site, because the description doesn't do it justice. but there is another funky self-portrait by Minkkinen, if you want to check it out.

funniest thing at the museum: the giant pink rabbit's foot hanging just outside the gallery. if you're not familiar with the DeCordova, it's a museum and sculpture park, with probably 50 or so sculptures scattered around the grounds. and one of them this year is a rabbit's foot. huge. eight feet tall. hanging outside the gallery window at the end of the hall.

eh... back to the grind again today. at least there are turkey left-overs waiting at home for me, and i'm going to make some *proper* bread stuffing to have with it.

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