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ah. another meme. (remind me to talk about memetics sometime.) snarked this one from mechaieh. it's worth hours of giggly fun.

"Beth is a prodigious talent... poised and introspective... very impressive." - Los Angeles Times

Beth is known for her quick no-nonsense walk throughs and effective teaching. She calls high energy dances specializing in rip roaring squares and contras that make you go ahhhhhhhh.

Beth is a member of JAN's motor team and specializes in workplace ergonomics and accommodations for individuals with motor impairments and cancer.

Beth is a Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Authorized Lead Assessor for the SW-CMM based Appraisals for Internal Process Improvement (CBA IPI). A published author as well as a popular speaker, Beth is a recognized authority on software measurement and quality management.

Beth is our resident spiritual director whose main focus is to encourage youth workers to nurture and pay attention to their own spiritual lives.

Beth is also a top-rated Program Director at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, featured instructor on The Inner Voyage Cruise, and a certified Kripalu DansKinetics and Hatha Yoga Instructor.

Beth is an eternal student veraciously interested in all methodologies in her field.

Beth is a dynamic public speaker who frequently speaks to groups from coast to coast. Beth is available for meetings, workshops and teleclasses.

Beth is wonderfully sexy.

Beth is always willing to try new things and to experiment.

Beth is a veteran of independent filmmaking.

Beth is known for her excellent judgment, her practical and thoughtful scholarship, and her integrity. (on my birthday card from Janet Reno in '99)

Beth is a talented writer and she spends much of her free time composing poetry and and other works.

Beth is always there to listen or lend a helping hand.

Beth is a creator of distinctive copper water fountains for indoor or garden use.

Beth is a busy lady, but not too busy to find time to give love to the animals at the SPCA.

Beth is a power pitcher with a 63 mph fastball and she's known for her drop ball.

Beth is a true-blue, dyed-in-the-wool mystery addict.

Beth is always scouting for a dress.

Beth is having second thoughts about getting too close and asks for breathing space.

Beth is footloose and fancy free, with her divorce signed and sealed.

Beth is just out to have fun. She is certainly not looking for a relationship.

Beth is not all that enthusiastic when approached about an undercover assignment that involves infiltrating a posh beauty spa to uncover their top secret, state-of-the-art new treatment.

Beth is widely known for her tremendous ability to help categorically-focused stakeholders understand the essential nature of collaboration.

Beth is 5 times disc jointed, has ultra suede pads, notice the amber eyes {another antique touch} waxed nose and claws with little bits missing, she is wearing a vintage woollen top that has been embroided,stained, torn and trimmed with vintage glass beads for buttons, cotton stained bow. Beth is weighted with stainless steel pellets for extra weight.

Beth is thrown when she hears Luis murmur Sheridan's name.

Beth is, now and forever, being Beth.

Beth is rich, Beth is beautiful, Beth is thin, the world is her oyster, what could she possibly feel insecure about?

Beth is wearing a nightie made from soft dark flannel with a vintage button on the neck.

Beth is also a source-modular tool.

Beth is always at hand to view our efforts with a sophisticated outlook.

Beth is a small, rather unremarkable 182 acre, very soft-water lake in the Kawishiwi River watershed.

Beth is obsessed about making peace with her father before he dies.

Beth is now focusing on the broader spiritual issues of living fully in the second half of life, including optimal health, inner healing, and self-renewal.

Beth is familiar with all of the great exits along Interstate 96.

Beth is our latest victim to be assimilated by the Borg and brings her extensive content management and design skills to the Collective.

Beth is outrageous, awesome.

Beth is a wonderful, knowledgeable teacher who doesn't waste time with a big intro but gets right into the workout.

Beth is in a spaceship traveling at speed v = 0.8c relative to Alan in the positive x-direction in Alan's frame.

Beth is a co-founding priestess of the Appalachian Pagan Alliance.

Beth is still known for her selkie story and most of the local residents regard her as strange.

here's how it works: go to the search engine of choice. type in "name+is". hit return, and amuse yourself for hours. :)

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