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ewwww. the day started late, and ended late. and then i went out. (that part was good, anyway.)

since we had the last minute driver scheduled for noon, i decided to come in just in time for the conference call with the customer. i really wonder if the call was worth it, tho. the idea was to get some information squared away before we showed up on site. but there wasn't a whole lot of two way sharing going on. nearly all his answers were one syllable or less. at one point, i scribbled 'do you think he's had any coffee?' on my notepad and held it up for the guys to see. giggling during a conference call probably isn't cool. :)

so i'm a little worried about tomorrow. i hate performing on command, which is pretty much what this is. it never goes as smoothly as you hope it will. and it doesn't sound like they have things set up for us, which will make it even more challenging.

and of course, i managed to screw up the driver. i didn't keep a backup of the listings. if that doesn't make sense, here's the deal: when you compile software, you end up with two things. you have the source that you wrote, and the executable output. in order to map one to the other, you need a listing. this is essentially a reference map. so when the customer calls and says your program blew up at line blahdeblah, you can use the reference to see what line of source matches up with line blahdeblah. there you go. highly technical lesson for the day. *g*

i wasn't exactly firing on all pistons, and forgot to make a backup. we're taking one level of code to the customer site, and using another one inhouse. we only have the reference map for the inhouse one. this is Bad.

i'm just not into thinking about all the details lately. plus, when you've been doing the same job for a while, you get a little messy and don't always feel the need for a net. hey, that's what system backups are for, right? *wry grin*

and there was also much confusion about the driver, with several people getting involved, and datasets being renamed on the fly, and stuff ending up in the wrong place... ick.

anyway. things are up and running, such as they are, and we're prepped, as much as we can be, for tomorrow. can't really do much else about it from here.

that being the case, i headed out to run some errands. i meant to start out about an hour before i did, but got distracted by all sorts of things and ended up running late. what else is new, you might ask? not much.

caught up with earl briefly; it was good to see him. it was also good to borrow the digi cam back. i have this idea that i might actually be able to put together one of my collabs for this weekend, despite the fact that i've chosen to do graphics. don't ask why, but Photoshop melts my brain. it just does. i don't even want to do anything all that fancy, just slap together a collage of images. i know it's going to involve much wailing and gnashing of teeth. so why not do a word collage? i'm good with words (or like to think so, anyway). nope. nope, this one has to be images. i have an idea in my head of what it should be. of course, the finished product will look nothing like the image in my head. sort of like trying to explain your dreams. it always ends up being ... less, somehow.

if i could just figure out a way to wire a video cam to my brain, i'd be all set.

so, got the cam, picked up some supplies for the house and the cats, ans swung by the Gs. habit, and i wanted some company. much to my delight, i found Marty on the other side of the bar. don't think i've ever seen him in street clothes.

there were a few other people i said hi to, but mostly, Marty and i hung out and chatted for a while. he shared his dessert, we caught up on stuff, and generally decompressed. interesting phenomenon - the first conversation with everyone i've seen lately has been about September 11. it's not that we all want to keep rehashing it, necessarily. it's just that we want to check in, and somehow it feels okay to talk to a new person about the events. everyone has a different take - people they know are affected to different degrees, politics differ, personal connections to places are different. i'm not explaining this very well. does it make sense? it's not so much obsessing as collecting impressions, so that we can all build a way to understand what has happened, what might happen in the future.

in a way, it's about reinforcing the network of friends and family so that the emotional safety net is there.

got home in time to see The Daily Show, which much to my delight had both my TV boyfriends on. jon and lew had good things to say, and it made me happy.

and i spent some time getting Dress Up Clothes ready for tomorrow. it's never really clear to me what business casual constitutes for women. i'd be happy to show up in jeans and sneakers every day. that's pretty much what i do. but i don't think that makes a good first impression on a paying customer. i refused to break out the suits, tho. so the compromise was a new dress shirt i just got at Ann Taylor, dress slacks, and heels.

really and truly, no one but the French could have invented French cuffs. what, exactly, is the point of them? lots of cuff, and much botton activity. it doesn't keep the sleeves any more attached than regular cuffs. and they are a Pain in the Ass to iron. why? why, i ask you? :)

and i don't understand how these slacks ended up in my closet. they fit, and they're black. so far, so good. but they're an 8L. that's 8 long. i am not a tall person, by any stretch of the imagination. how on god's green earth i ended up with 8L slacks is beyond me. *mumble, mumble* oh, feh. this means i have to wear heels tomorrow so i don't trip on my pants.

patron saint for tomorrow: Ginger Rogers. 10 points if you know the quote i mean. :)

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