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huh. i'm feeling better today, surprisingly. i really thought i'd be a sick puppy the whole weekend. ever notice that your body gets sick on the weekends, forcing you to waste an entirely good two days off? not as if it couldn't wait until the start of the week, when you could actually use sick days. hmph.

didn't really do all that much today, other than a few chores and making a batch of barley soup. if this thing had decided to go away (and i could live without the exhaustion, congestion, constant nose-blowing, and body ache), i don't want to push the issue. just neatened up a bit around the homestead and that was it. oh, well, i did tink around on the web for far too long, but that doesn't really take much effort. ;)

at one point, as i was typing away, i realized that my hands look really dry and old. okay, you wiseass in the back - no need to point out that i am old. ;) some of it may come from the generally dehydration of being sick. but i also think it's the downside to forced hot air heat. i love forced hot air heat. it's a good thing. come home, bump up the thermostat, and in short order, warm air is blowing thru the place. i've been known to come home after some outings (notably First Night, but anything that involves being outside and cold), turn up the heat, and stand over the vent in the bathroom, forehead against the wall, holding my shirt out so the hot air blows right up my front. yes, i'm that wimpy.

then again, it would help if i moisturized once in a while. right, skin getting older, general thing with cold air in winter, forced hot air heat... moisturizer would be good.

oooo... maybe i'll find the motivation to take an oil bath tonight. mmmm... soaking in the tub *and* doing good things for my skin. *pphht* you know? sounds like an excellent idea, and i'll probably just fall asleep on the couch, thinking about it.

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