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feeling kinda how a girl feels

random quote for today, from Signs that You're Taking Your Breakup Badly: You start writing country songs... and the country is Bosnia.

so i feel like a dope. y'know that Spyonit thingie? ::pointing up:: it's supposed to let you know when a page changes. for some reason, Spyonit always thinks my page has changed, even when it hasn't. well, of course it would, because it doesn't have the fuzzy logic working for it that i apparently do. every time you load my page, you get a new moment of Zen. ::pointing down:: d'oh! [insert gratuitous Homer Simpson tribute here] so i know nothing has changed in my entry, because i've got the handy mask feature going. but the spider only knows what i tell it.

reread that paragraph, and bow before my geekiness. damn. spider, mask, fuzzy logic... you think i've been working with computers too long? that all sounds like English to me.

i'm dragging my feet again on completing a few projects. 5 days, 4 projects. and the weekend doesn't really count anymore, because i don't have access at home yet. but i will soon; then i can spend luxurious hours avoiding chores while working hard on my Internet addiction. *g* the thing is, i don't like putting up more than one entry a day, because of the way i have the navigation set up here. so unless you're a dedicated reader, you might miss the fact that there's more than one entry for today. (no, no, don't go check - that was just an example! there's only one today, and you're soaking in it.)

speaking of access at home, i just got my DSL modem. now, when i signed up, there was a section on the form for 'deliver to:', which i took to mean they could bill one place and deliver to another. friday night, i get home to find a UPS sticky note on my door, saying that the delivery attempt failed because i wasn't there. well, duh. this is why i asked for it to be delivered to my office. and the point of the 'deliver to' part of the form would be... what?

the cool thing about the modem is that it can be wall mounted. most excellent, as desktop real estate is at a premium for me. and they also sent me, for free, a web cam. there was no way to turn it down, which i would rather have done, since i'll never use it. i mean, i wouldn't want to watch me sitting there picking my nose and drinking coffee; why would anyone else? don't answer that question, actually. really. don't. because there are just too many disturbing search requests out there. anyway, i think i'll just auction it off. eBay, here i come!

well, this is all very techie, isn't it? enough of that... the shows this weekend were great, with the one exception of the bitch who body slammed me to get past me. ::sigh:: Wayne Brady was very funny. and the man is damn fine looking, even better in person than 4 inches tall on my TV. i managed to snag a third row seat once we were done working. he and his friends did a 'Who's Line is It' style of show. all the bits were funny; some were hilarious. the best two were the fractured fairytale (dunno if that was really the name of the skit, but i'm having Mr. Peabody flashbacks) and the VCR. the fractured fairytale is one word storytelling - each person says one word. rough way to build a sentence, me thinks, but funny. some wiseass in the audience suggested 'the Red Sox win the World Series' (which was a welcome change from 'porn! yeah! porn!'). now, i don't think that's a fairytale. i think it's a possibility. a very real possibility. one that might even happen this year. yeah. yeah, that's right. anyway, it quickly became apparent that they knew nothing about baseball. in the first 30 seconds? mentioned New York. then they needed the name of a player, and we were all hollering 'Nomar! Nomar Garciaparra!' somehow, this became Garcia, the heretofore unknown third baseman. the whole thing was cute, tho.

the other good one was the VCR skit. two people act out an idea, and the third calls out the VCR buttons (rewind, pause, forward). the idea last night was an action film, about the Theft of the Peanut Butter (don't ask). Wayne and ...Ryan, i think, did all kinds of crazy falls and tumbles - those two really know what they're doing. right after Ryan did a diving tumble, Jonathan yelled 'rewind!' damned if he didn't do it, too. they even managed to do the entire skit in reverse and get most of the bits in. how they ever managed to remember as much as they did, after all the forward/reverse bits, i don't know.

Sunday was Paco de Lucia. what an amazing guitarist! if you haven't heard him, Paco is one of the premeire flamenco guitarists today. he started playing when he was very young, and his first performance was when he was 14, i think. oh, and the flamenco dancer... mmmmmmm yum yum yum. that man is gorgeous. you could bounce a quarter off his ass or, actually, pretty much any part of him. taut, toned body, delicious face, and phenomenal dance skills. oh my. 8) at one point, he held a pose at the end of a number, hands and arms arched over his head, and he was breathing so hard you could count his ribs every time he inhaled. i swear, his feet were moving as fast as Paco's fingers, and that was fast.

the glow from that one is gonna have to hold me for a while; the next few shows are uninspired. hip hop (which just doesn't do much for me in general) and metal (which gives me a migraine). ah, but David Gray... David Gray is coming to town. yeah. *that* should be a lovely show.

looking out my office window, i see an inch of snow on the ground, and more coming down. welcome to spring in New England, folks. ::tromps off to get another cup of tea:: perhaps the ground will thaw before my birthday this summer.

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