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feeling kinda how a girl feels

i had every intention of writing a few collab entries tonight, as well as doing a regular entry. well... you'll just have to live with a small, quiet, regular entry.

the last few days have been brutal. brutal, i tell you! it's been more or less regular New England summer weather for the first time this season. if you're not familiar with the fine North East, summer means disgustingly high levels of humidity and insanely high temps. yup. not like in the South, but bad enough for those of us inured to NE winters. 90 plus, and 135% humidity. this sucks.

and the heat has just sucked all the life out of me the last few days. i felt like a limp, nasty, slimey dish rag the last few days. here's the thing: if it's cold, you can put on more layers, hike up the heat, do any number of things to alleviate the cold. when you're hot? there are only so many things you can do, within the bounds of decency, to deal with the heat.

so the last few days, i've felt like my brain has been leaking out my ears. i've only had enough energy to get to work and sit there in the AC. and the AC in the office isn't working well. so i've actually walked outside into the heat, intentionally, to suffer for a few minutes, in order to have that moment when you walk back *into* the AC and go 'thank GOD! there is a God. there is AC.' how bad is that? and it's not even like trying to deal with life in, say, Alabama or Florida, where they have real heat and humidity.

feh. okay. heat finally broke. thunderstorms. heat dropped by 20 degrees. i feel human again. i can't do a collab (because writing anything that involves thinking is still too much), but. here's the last few days.

i'm still doing battle with the courts, and the wench who assaulted me. i haven't gotten a payment in nearly two months. according to the court decision, she should have paid me all the money by now. but i do understand that you can negotiate a new payment schedule with your parole officer. fine. you would think that they *might* want to inform the victim of the changes, yes? no. nope. no way. apparently, not required. so.

so, i finally broke out all the phone numbers and called everyone i knew involved, to see what the deal is.

heh. probably highly unChristian of me, but. not only is she in danger of defaulting on payments, she no longer has a job. oh, whaaaah. break out the very small violin. her parole officer said he didn't want to squeeze her for money too much, because i might lose the payments and she might end up in jail.

y'know? that would be $700 worth of entertainment. seeing her locked up with no home and no income? yeah. yeah, that would be worth $700 to me. and i don't care if that makes me a bad person. that bitch beat the shit out of me. i would be thrilled to see her pay the right price for that. damn wench.

*hrm* okay, so what else... work is biting my ass these days. short, short runway for getting the current project done, and tempers are fraying. i try hard to accomodate the tempers. but then... i get so frayed myself that i end up screaming at my terminal trying to get my own work done. here's hoping that my cube mates see it as performance art.

on the brighter side: got tix for the Sox game on my b'day. whoo hoo! i'm going to see the Boys play, on My Birthday! damn, yeah. it's all good. i have an inordinate love for the Sox (as anyone from here should), and the fact that there's a home game on my birthday - Which I Have Tickets For - just rocks my fuckin' world. *giggle*

talked to my mom the other day, and told her about the tix. she was sorry that she and my dad wouldn't be able to come up for the game, and i told her to just watch the cameras on TV. so... so, if you want to be seen by the cameras, what do you have to do? no. no, not that. i thought holding up a sign would be sufficient. and i thought, well, if i hold up a sign about my birthday, that would up the odds, yes? so. i told my mom i'd hold up a sign that says 'Kiss Me, Nomar! It's My Birthday!' erm... so, if you're watching the Sox on August 19th and see a girl holding up a really dorky sign... yeah. that would be me. just don't tell anyone you know me. :)

and even better, it looks like i have plans for this weekend. in Newport. Life is Good.

on the good/bad front: i hooked into the web site for Jared's new radio show in London. i got the cam to work, and am thrilled to be able to see him. i can't get the sound thing to work, and Hate Micro Sloth. Hate Them. Hate. Them. i've installed the software three times. i keep getting told it worked. but I Still Can't Hear Him. aaaarghhhhhh!

hee hee... okay. forget all the shit that's kicking my ass. i have a good weekend planned. and that makes me happy.

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