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feeling kinda how a girl feels

driving home tonight, generally torqued off about things, grumpy that it's hot and i don't have working A/C in the car... and then i looked up.

the sky was filled by a nearly full moon. it looked soft and golden glowy, as the moonlight filtered thru the hazy night air. i wanted to be there.

really, i'd rather be pretty much anywhere else these days. so, in an exercise that hopefully won't add to the frustration, i've decided to make a list of destinations.

1. London. i've been there a few times, and want to go back. the town feels comfortable, like being home. i like that i know people there, friends, acquaintances, restaurant people. i have yet to see enough of the place. something new discovered every time. last time, it was the Physic's Garden (nicknamed the Fizzy Garden by ChicaBeanie, who misheard me the first time - big freakin' surprise *g* ) and Speaker's Corner. next time, who knows? Stonehenge, perhaps.

2. Edinburgh. last time was the quasi-honeymoon trip. i loved the town for many of the same reasons as London, and want to go explore on my own so i have my very own memories of the place. also, single best piece of salmon i've ever had was there, in a little hole in the wall place half way down the hill.

3. Dublin. you sensing a theme here? never been to Ireland, and about damn time i fixed that. and i want to see what the theatres are like over there. plus, i hear they know how to drink there. ;)

4. Quebec City. i've been a fair number of places in Canada, but not the Old City yet. it looks beautiful. i have an idea of what it looks like from Willa Cather's Shadows on the Rock. even if the reality is completely different, it would be a great adventure.

5. Alaska. if you've been reading here for a while, you know why this is here. the desire has been rekindled lately by a SmallWorld experience, wherein someone who was up there 10 or so years ago worked with some people i also knew, and shipped the whale song tapes off to someplace, he didn't know where. i did. they live at a friend's property. i hooked them up. and now i want Alaskan king crab, fresh caught and cooked, eaten on the beach and washed down with a cold beer while watching the colors play across the sky.

6. San Francisco. okay, so i'm not really being all that adventurous with this list. maybe half are places i've been before. San Fran is one of them, altho i'm not sure it counts. does 28 hours on a business trip, wherein you "see" the city (air quoting my ass off) by driving thru it count as having been there? i want to see the town, wander around, soak up the strangeness and the sun. fortunately, some friends of mine just moved out there, and put out the welcome mat for anyone headed that way. this one could actually work for small change.

7. Moonstone Beach, Point Judith, Block Island, Wingaersheek... you know the drill. out on a nice beach with little more than a trashy novel to

occupy my brain and some cool, fruity drinks, digging my toes in the sand... yeah, that would work.

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