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feeling kinda how a girl feels

i've stocked up on grief meds, for both me and the white kitty. and they've been helping.

it's down to this - stanz needs to die. it sounds cruel, but it's something she needs to do, and i have to help her. it's the last gift i can give her.

it's time for her to leave. she doesn't have the energy to move, or eat. i spent an hour on the kitchen floor with her last night, trying to feed her something, anything by hand, and she just didn't want it. or, didn't need it.

i don't want to cry in front of her. she's sad enough already.

i have a call in to the Visiting Vet. i'm hoping that she'll be able to come by, so i can let stanzi go at home. and if not, i'll take her to her regular vet. i really don't want it to play out that way, on a cold table in an anonymous room. but i can't hold her here any longer.

and as if that weren't enough excitement, i nearly ran over a policeman on my way to work.

so, i'm running late, and i'm stressed, and there seem to be a plethora of semis going thru the square. i'm coming around the intersection by the Coop, and my view of merging traffic is blocked by a huge truck. this shouldn't be an issue, because i'm in the right hand lane.

imagine my surprise when a shit box beater of a car pulls in front of me, at a right angle to my front end!

i slam on the brakes and lean on the horn. the driver waves something that looks like a passport at me. yeah, so? get out of my way! i have an entire lane of traffic running up my ass, buddy!

he pulls up and over. and as i pass him, cursing up a storm, he gets out of the car.

he's a cop. on detail.

*slaps forehead*

he really shouldn't have done that, cop or no. but still. i think it's bad for your karma to run over a cop. don't you?

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