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eeeee! i saw Bowie!

i had taken myself out to Casa Bs for a bit, and had no real intention of doing much else tonight. but then, after a glass or two of wine, i decided to do what i never do: leverage the favor bank. i don't take advantage of it, because then the favors won't be there when i really need them. i try to keep the karma in balance.

fuck it. i wanted to see Bowie.

a quick phone call, short convo, and i was on my way. he'd already started his set, and was probably half way done when i got there. didn't matter. everyone there knows me, so there wasn't really an issue with me walking in. i trotted up back, said hi to a bunch of folks on the way, and worked my way (probably none too subtly) down front. by the box seats. near the stage.

ohmigoddess. happy happy happy. there was a small spot where i could tuck myself in and not be in anyone's way. crammed my stuff in a corner, and let go. let myself be the happy, stupid dancing chick you see at every concert. let all the stress fall away, danced like an idiot, gave several someones quite a show, i'm sure, and enjoyed the hell out of the night.

i don't even remember what he sang. doesn't matter. I. Saw. Bowie. he did a few older songs, which i sang along with (badly, at the top of my lungs), some i didn't recognize, but all of which were good. he looked *fine*. fine, i tell you! slim, dressed all in black, in fine voice and form... yummmmmm!

and there was one moment that you couldn't orchestrate if you tried. in my mind, he was singing about aliens, which may or may not be accurate, but which makes for a lovely memory. and as he danced around the stage, the lights caught him at just the right angle. his eyes, just for a moment, just briefly, had an odd greeny sheen to them, as if he had in stage contacts. just a glimpse. and perfect for the moment.

such a good night. went out for a bit, and then spontaneously (a word you rarely see here) popped downtown. to see Bowie. nights like this remind me why i love living in the city.

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