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so things have calmed down from yesterday. thanks to all who offered support, and please keep sending warm thoughts Mimi's way.

the best news: earl's gram, Mimi, is home and better. she's back on most of the meds, including a diuretic they probably shouldn't have tampered with, and going in twice a week for monitoring. even better, she felt well enough to give both doctors a piece of her mind and letting them know how unhappy she's been with their treatment. go, mimi! (note: yes, i'm well aware that that's the same name as the colorful character on The Drew Carey Show. there is no resemblance. and it usually gets shortened to Mim, pronounced 'meem'. i couldn't decide on spelling, so i stuck with the whole name. one drawback of the written word, i suppose...)

sweetie called last night while i was down cellar getting my laundry out of the dryer. of course. i could hear the damn thing ringing, but there was no way i could have gotten upstairs before the answering machine picked up. i wasn't sure if i should call back, since his message said he'd try later. in the interest of trying to give him some space, i hadn't called since Saturday night, when i left a voicemail offering a virtual hug, since that appeared to be the only thing i could get right. i'd inquired, via email, how he was doing and how Mimi was doing. but that's it. for a couple that generally at least talks a few times a day, that's pretty quiet.

but you know i have the patience of a flea once i get curious. so i called. he sounded none too thrilled to hear from me, which was worrisome. turns out he was a bit trepidatious (goddess love him for using that word!) about how the call would go, and wasn't sure he wanted to call in the first place. conflict is never fun. but last night was more about stroking and petting, offering reassurances, wondering how we had gotten there when it was so clearly not where we wanted to be, and generally making nice.

neither of us really apologized for what we did or said; no need to, really. we did both apologize that the communications went in the shitter under stress. i love that he said that, that he was okay with saying that, that it only took a day or two to get to that point. it's something that he's been wrestling with, and such a step forward. it's been fantastic to watch this wonderful person, over the last five years or so, become more and more the person he wants to be. moments like this weekend are never any fun, but when i take a seventh-grade English paper approach ("Topic A. Topic B. Compare/contrast."), it's a huge, positive change for him. and that's good.

things having calmed down a bit, i firmed up reservations for our vacation in Newport. i wasn't sure if it was such a good idea even before this past weekend, as negotiating the idea was like pulling teeth. but sweetie said, since that particular tooth had already been pulled, we should go and make it a good experience. i'm thinking now that the jacuzzi advertised at this place will be closed for the season, because it must be outside. regardless, they have marble baths, and are a block from downtown. if you have any tips on where to eat or catch some good jazz in lovely downtown Newport, send 'em my way, and i'll send you a postcard from there.

hey! my tub finally got fixed! whoo hoo! it's blessedly silent in there now. came home on Saturday, and glanced into the bathroom when i came in. shower curtain was open, and the toilet seat was up - so i knew Nelson had been there. *g* seriously, i always pull the shower curtain closed. i called Genie to thank her for getting things repaired, and happened to mention the toilet seat, 'cuz it was funny. she asked if i was familiar with Stoneham (a very quiet little town, in case you're not familiar), and said she'd seen a note in the police blotter of the local paper a few years back. seems some woman had come home to find the toilet seat up. there were no guys in the house (her son was off at camp). she panicked and called the police. now, i ask you... would someone breaking into your house take time out to pee? and if they did, would they bother to put the seat up?

fun and interesting new thing - heather has been gracious enough to include me in Friends of Jezebel's Mirror. very cool indeed. check out the pix, by all means - there's some great stuff in there. who knew there were so many reflective surfaces? i now find myself fascinated by, say, the brass doors on our elevators, puddles on street corners, and noticing how many mirrors, really, there are. i'd love to get some shots in the free weight corner of my gym. unfortunately, i'm thinking that more people would take offense at a camera in the gym than would be interested in the fact that a mirrored ell gives you three-way action, so to speak. anyway, if you want to see my humble contributions to FOJM, check out the alpha TOC; i'm in there as 'beth, boston'. oh yeah - ken's over here. ;)

from Feed, by way of Plastic, an interesting little article on the observation that none of the male cabinet nominees have yet been questioned on who takes the kids to soccer practice or dusts the blinds. it seems a pretty obvious disparity, once they whack you over the head with it. but, as with the most sinister of -isms, some of it is so subtle it creeps up on you.

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