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did i mention that it was a little hard to smile at anything that moved when we had to deal with people like the guy who asked me if the box seats came with (and i quote) 'wench service'? i actually managed to bite my tongue on that one and calmly reply, 'why, yes, they do have table service. sir.' he's damn lucky i didn't hand his balls to him on a silver chain. or how about the woman who took an illegal flash photo right in my face, not five seconds after i asked her to put away the camera? that one prompted a fairly blue string of comments on my part, quickly followed by me clapping my hand over my mouth and apologizing to the other women to whom i'd been talking. *growl*

anyway, that was last night. today was much better. talked with mom for a bit, and caught up with her on the last few days. she was kind enough to send off some glass pieces i bought last time i was down there. i was all set to pick them up the next time i was down, but mom wrapped them within an inch of their lives (well, not really, since they're inanimate things, but you know what i mean) and sent them along. apparently, sis is envious of the sugar chicken. you know what those are, right? sugar bowls shaped like a chicken sitting on a nest? see, i figured everyone has heard of them, because we had one growing up. but i guess not. so the salt cellar and the sugar chicken are quite happy in their new homes.

oh, and i got other gifties in the mail, quite unexpectedly! the receptionist called me during the day to let me know there was a box for me. as soon as i saw it was from Amazon, i figured i'd done another late night shopping binge and forgotten all about it. imagine my surprise when i found out it was a birthday giftie! M sent me a collection of short stories by A. S. Byatt, and the video of The Italian Job. so incredibly thoughtful of her; made my day. *wiggles toes* happy, happy! so i suppose a few weeks of shameless self promotion didn't hurt. ;)

and along the order of gifties... as i was headed in to work today, i got to thinking about the fact that i've been lucky enough recently to be gifted with all sorts of things - new computer, new car (at that price, very nearly a gift), the loan of a digi cam, and generally all sorts of good things. as i was stepping off the bus near work, i thought 'wouldn't it be cool if i could find a bike for The Boy to buy?' i kid you not... not 10 feet later, i saw a bike with a For Sale sign on it. just like that. don't know if it's exactly the thing he wants, but the specs sound about right, and the price certainly is.

i did a double take when i saw the bike and the sign. i mean, these 'ask and receive' deals usually take a little longer to process than that. :) it's a pretty little bike, in good condition, with some custom chrome on it. of course, i scribbled down all the info, and plan on giving the guy a call today to see if it's still available. and if it is, i'll try to see it in the next few days to get the lowdown, and leave a message for The Boy. i don't know when he might be able to see it, but at least i can ask questions for him.

i caught up with earl about plans for tonight, as we were going to get together. he had a mess of dental work done today, and i asked if he was sure he felt like going out. he said he was quite sure he wanted to take me out for a birthday dinner, and where did i want to go? *blink* it would seem that i demanded a dinner from him. don't remember doing that, but seems like the kind of thing i'm capable of. huh. i certainly wasn't dressed for going out sort of thing, as i didn't know that was in the cards. i just dressed for the weather, which is hot. and i didn't do it in a sexy, sundress kind of way. nope. spaghetti strap T and laundry day shorts. that was the dress code for today. so it's a good thing we went to the Gs; i still felt underdressed, but not so awkward.

it was an okay dinner. the food was great, but i still couldn't eat all that much of it. the stomach continues to rebel. :/ and while it was nice to catch up with him, he's still kind of off his game, which makes me feel awkward. i end up talking way too much, trying to be entertaining, and it doesn't always work. or, it doesn't always work from my side. maybe it works for him. hard to tell. he did say it was nice to get out and see people. so who knows?

he was kind enough to come back to see if we could move my car out back so i can take the plates off. no luck. but it was kind, nonetheless. we talked for a little longer, and then he took off, giving me a hug good night. hrm. it's more okay than it used to be, but still odd. oh, feh. i give up. i'm going to sleep.

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