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feeling kinda how a girl feels

i've had a lot of stress recently. from both jobs. i know. you'd think after i quit job #2, the stress would go away on that front, wouldn't it? but nooooo.

so i've done what i can to set some boundaries, get some feedback, and generally make sure that i'm doing okay. worked out a few things at the day job, which seem to boil down to miscommunication. boss-type man and i have very different styles, and learning to work for him has been a learning process for both of us, i think. it certainly has been for me, i can tell you that.

the night job... it seems that my quitting wasn't taken seriously. *blink* hello? which part of 'i refuse to be in the same building with that difficult little wench while she chooses to act out her hostilities towards me?' wasn't clear? 'oh, you're not leaving. you love the job!' which is true. i do. however, i do not love being abused. ergo, i quit. did my best to clarify it, but i think that if someone is determined to not hear you, they won't. eh.

the combined stress of quitting one job and fearing i'd be fired from the other has done quite a number on my stomach, let me tell you. the IBS is in full flare, and i haven't had to walk around holding my side for ages. when it's really bad, there's a spot just under my ribcage on the right that aches. sort of like i imagine lumbago would ache on a rainy day.

where the hell did that come from? amazing what flies off your fingers when typing stream of consciousness. i'm not even sure i could define lumbago. *shakes head*

what else, what else... adding to the general air of stress lately, people seem to be off their collective rockers. i'm not sure what they put in the water lately, but you're all losing it, people! this, of course, includes me. ;)

to wit: telemarketer calls me. i take the call, because they're asking about a subscription i never placed. i figure a few minutes will resolve that, and get them to quit dunning me. and it does. then she asks about a completely different subscription, one that i don't think they handle, and i wonder how they got that info. 'would you like to renew at the Preferred Customer Four Year Not Such a Ripoff Rate?' and i politely explain that i don't think i'll be renewing. 'oh, well, maybe you'd like the Less Preferred Customer Quite a Scam One Year Rate?' back and forth a few times, and finally i snap, 'how much clearer do you need me to be about the fact that i'm not renewing?' at which point, the battle is lost. and she starts telling me i don't need to be rude. or at least, that's what i think she was saying as i hung up on her.

and then there was the boy in front of me in line at the post office the other day. i was headed over to mail some care packages for postcardX. the line was long and slow, as often happens towards the end of the day. in line in front of me is some snarky little semiotics student from the Hallowed Local University. he's getting visibly impatient with the fact that one of the clerks (there were 5) is taking the time to help someone mail an overseas package. he finally snaps, and says, in a bell clear tone loud enough for the neighborhood to hear 'is there a line for people who are actually prepared?' d'oh. yeah, and there's a special one for those with no manners. it's over there, in the corner. go stand over there quietly, snarky boy, and hang your head for five minutes.

*sigh* i need a good long day of pampering at the spa. that would get rid of some of this stress, don't you think? ;)

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