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feeling kinda how a girl feels

that wasn't exactly what i meant to write. i mean, i'm happy enough with it and all. it's just that the writing took its own turn. i *meant* to write about something a bit more personal (not that the entry isn't, but...), about recent relationships and new ones, and how you go about negotiating with the new significant other in light of past experiences, without projecting past hurts onto the new person... feh. perhaps i'll try again tomorrow.

i also meant to write a whole soliloquy about the eternal debate about boxers v. briefs. it's an important discussion. 8) important enough, in fact, that i'll come back to that topic, too.

but for now, let's talk about shopping.

yeah, shopping. i'm not a girlie girl. i don't lust after shopping. retail therapy has its place, that's for sure. there are few thing to brighten up your afternoon like dropping a few bills on a stack of CDs. in general, tho, i hate the whole purgatory of fitting rooms.

whoever designed the lighting for fitting rooms should be shot. no, wait. drawn, quartered, boiled in oil, and *then* shot. even if you weren't depressed before you went shopping, you surely will be after you try on a few ill fitting bras, a badly cut pair of pants, a too tight top, and then caught a glimpse of your winter pale body under fluorescent lights.

but that's not the shopping i've done the last few days. no, the last few days have been all about home shopping. not in the sense of shopping via QVC or online, but going to a store and finding new things for your home.

CB and i went out Sunday to look for some things for her office. she needed curtains and a few other things. so we ended up in Bed Bath and Beyond. all afternoon, i had Tim Allen in my head. To Infinity, And Beyond! damn. we started wandering around BBB, and it donned on me that i need a new mattress pad. how exciting. but you can just go pick one out, throw it in the cart, and be done, right? noooooo. right next to the mattress pads are the pillows.

i have squashed my pillows to a fare thee well. i need a new one. so i decided to look. oh. my. god. did you know you can drop $200 on a standard size pillow? and that's not even for a down feather pillow, just a designer one.

but i kept looking. CB came over to help, and it donned on us that the only way you can tell if a pillow is any good is to put your head down on it. there were shelves above and below, but the display pillows were on a shoulder height shelf. we looked at each other, and then decided we didn't care how stupid it looked. we started sticking our heads into the shelves and trying out the pillows.

it was the only way to go, i'm telling you. you have to try them out! there were two guys also shopping for pillows, and we convinced them to do the same thing. hey, if you happened to wander by with a digi cam, i'd love to see a snap of the four of us with our heads in the shelves. 8)

so i bought a new pillow. it's square, and baffled, and made for side sleepers. this pillow is *heavenly*. i didn't want to fall asleep the other night, because i was so damn excited to have a pillow that works.

and today, i went to buy a new couch. it's taken me months to decide on it, and it's a huge purchase, in the sense that it's Adult Furniture, one of the few pieces i've bought, not salvaged. i went back today specifically to give the eternally patient sales guy the commision; he's been very kind about me coming to visit my couch every week or so. and i found rugs at BBB to match it! whoo hoo! i'm going back in a few weeks to get those.

hrm. isn't there something wrong with this story? i mean, shouldn't shopping be about finding the perfect clingy cocktail dress and Fuck Me pumps, not furniture? does this make me boring, or old, or both?

heh. don't care. i have a new pillow to sleep on. and that makes me happy. 8)

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