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today didn't exactly start off the way i had hoped. i still had a raging migraine, which stuck with me pretty much all day. and it was hard to get myself pulled together. but i did manage, and it turned out to be well worth it.

first off, i skipped by the office to grab wedding photos and dropped them off with friends to get them to ChicaBeanie. and then i scooted over to the store to pick up the fixins' for garlic dip. plus, i remembered to fill the gas tank.

i'm not so keen on the fact that it was humid enough today that i needed another shower by the time i got home from running errands. frazzled me out a bit, and didn't help the migraine. since i was already sweaty, i decided to vacuum up a bit before company came by. of course, it didn't help the frazzle factor that the vacuum got snarled up. it ate up some of the fringe off one of my rugs (yumyumyum!). so there i am, hot, sweaty and migraine-y, kneeling on the crunchy rug, swearing up a blue streak and taking the vacuum apart. i got the cylinder unsnarled, but couldn't get it reseated to save my life. augh.

fortunately, when company came by, he was pretty okay with me being all wigged out and saying 'could you be a guy and fix that for me?' yes, i admit. i have no qualms about getting guys to do GuyThings. they're handy that way. ;)

showered, cleaned up, and dip in hand, i headed out (with company in tow) to the wilds of Lincoln for the annual Solstice Party. oooohhhhh... such the perfect balm for my frazzled self. even the drive out is nice (excepting the dufus drivers who can't seem to pick a lane). once you get off the highway, it's a two lane road, shaded with huge old trees that are in full leaf by this time of year. and the property is equally calming. as i sit here typing, i can hear my neighbors, and cars zipping by, bottles crashing into recycle bins, and the occasional siren. out there? nothing but birds.

and such a cool, eclectic group of people to visit with, too. a little beer from the local brew pub (thanks, guys!), clambake with all the fixings (read: happy, happy me up to her elbows in steamed lobster and fresh corn on the cob), lots of little widgies wandering around, and general mellowness. i spent a fair amount of time just watching, and mellowing. also, swinging on the swings staring at trees and pointing my toes at the sky. some bluesgrass jam and tasty dessert later in the evening... all good.

and i gave myself a pat on the back while i was driving home. i'm not all that familiar with the turn to get back on the highway (took a different route home), but managed to nail it right on the head. whoo hoo! go, me! :)

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