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spent most of today lolling around the house in my jammies and a fleecy thing, eyeing the pile of gifts that needed wrapping and avoiding it. played way too much Solitaire Til Dawn, and messed around on the computer, convincing myself that it was all necessary. did a fair amount of laundry, which mollified the part of me that felt guilty about leaving the alarm off, sleeping in, and generally being a sloth.

i did step out of the house just long enough to get my mail (okay, so it's three steps outside my front door, so i'm not sure if that counts.), and found another gift box in my mailbox! Madolyn sent me a lovely, arty snowflake card and two gifts. one is a deck of prompt cards called 52 Guilty Pleasures. *giggle* i started going thru it, and realized that i'm living a life of guilty pleasure already. little did i know. when i can, i sleep and wake when i please. i take lots of naps. i watch lots of bad TV. i forgo showering and dressing on the occasional weekend day. i read magazines in the checkout line. i take ridiculously long showers, using every soap and gel and conditioner i have, singing and meditating. and that's only the first few cards. :)

she also sent me a little book that complements the deck in a yin yang sort of way, called The Little Book of Stress. it's a send-up of those Chicken Soup-feng shui-yoga-live right-relaxation sort of books. and it made me laugh a lot.

He who letteth the tribulations meander past his door, he who speaketh only of slowing serenities, he who seemeth to become one with his unconscious mind, in repost from morn 'til night. Who he? A complete idiot.

Daghi Shri Dalai Glenys Heather Thud

Never sit if you can stand, walk if you can run, breathe if you can hyperventilate.

Reaffirm your faith in fantasy: believe in guardian angels and beautiful wee fairies at the bottom of your garden. Then remember you've killed them all with a weed whacker.

If you are angered by something, fire off a vicious and threatening fax in the heat of the moment. People will appreciate having it in writing.

Have a baby, move house and get divorced at the same time. You might also like to begin a new job and come out of the closet, just to get everything over and done with at once.

Communicate by whingeing, shouting and using aggressive gestures. This will clear a room in no time and leave you in control. Being in control, even of an empty room, is terribly impressive.

Write down a list of all your most intimate worries. Chant the list hourly until you become unconscious or rigid with horror.

Discover your inner child - it's probably freaked out, needs to go pee and wants to know if you're nearly there yet.

i don't dare read any more of the book, because i'll want to quote it all. if you want to get a copy, it's by Kaz Cooke.

then earl called to see if he could come by to drop off my present. after some back and forth and miscommunication, he dropped by in the evening. i opened the door, and there he was with a *huge* bag. i thought, 'oh geez, i thought this supposed to be a goofy present. what's up?'

that hot ticket... he gave me the funniest present i've gotten in a long time. turns out he remembered my hubcap incident, came by when i wasn't here to take a picture of my car, and tracked down the matching hubcap. what a hot shit. so now i have all four hubcaps for my car. the box is still sitting in the corner of the living room for now, and the cats have taken to sitting on top of it and trying to open it. the white one does it because he wants to lick the plastic. the grey one does it because cats like boxes.

it was a bit odd to be sitting on the couch with earl, the way we always did, same spots and all. i finally politely turned him out so i could wrap the negelcted pile of presents.

i hate wrapping. i used to really get into it, and buy fancy designer paper by the sheet, matching ribbon and tags, match the pen color to the tag, yada yada. (this was back when i made my own Christmas cards and baked for the entire town.) now i shove things in bags with tissue paper and slap on any old tag. hey, i'm still one up on my sibs - one of them did up a gift for me in tin foil one year. ;)

finally got the wrapping done in the wee hours of the morning, packed things up in bags, and am now off to bed at some ungodly hour of the morning. caffeine will be my best friend tomorrow.

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