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feeling kinda how a girl feels

y'know, sometimes a day is just a day. things go well, other things annoy you, and life moves forward. which is just to say (in a very sappy New Age Chicken Soup kind of way) that i had a nice, largely unstressful, celebration kind of day.

part of it is the glow from last night. i had a most excellent date. i was nervous for all sorts of reasons, and it turned out really well. *big stupid grin* maybe this internet dating thing is okay.

Tron and i had talked at length by IM. (the explanation for the name may come later; we'll see how things go.) he made me laugh, a lot, even then. and we seemed to have quite a bit in common. so we arranged to meet for cocktails.

being mildly paranoid, i picked a place where i hang out all the time. i figured a) a familiar setting would ease at least my nervousness and b) should anything get a bit funky, i could just look down the bar for help. i also arranged to 'accidentally' leave my cell phone on and have Chica call me about an hour into the date.

i was working on being on time when i headed out of work. can't even remember now where i had to go to run an errand, but i realized halfway thru that i'd forgotten to bring a CD with me and pick up my photos. oh! wait! i know what i was doing. something at work had made me stressed, so i decided to kill some time by going for a drive. now, i realize, given my frequent rants about driving in this fine city, that may seem paradoxical. but it was a sunny day, and i had tunes in the car, and getting out on the highway is often soothing.

naturally, it didn't work out that way. heading over to the Arsenio Mall, i got stuck in crazy bad traffic. turns out there was an accident blocking a few lanes. sadly, i think someone on a bike got hit. [wear your helmets!] however, i did finally find my way into the mall. if i ever find the person on crack who designed that parking lot, he and i *will* have words. i picked up a Shrinky Dink set for my niece, which was very satisfying. the toy store in general was satisfying. i like toys. and they had a whole stand of Dancing Hamsters by the door. i checked out the Kung Fu hamster on the way in, but couldn't find one that sang. on the way out, tho, there was a guy playing with the other hamsters... and he set off the birthday one. 'you say it's your birthday (uh uh uh uh *uh* uh)', while doing the Gopher Dance. the hamster, not the guy. i was amused and horrified all at once.

i was still nervous, despite the Happy Hamsters, and when i get nervous, i get compulsive. so instead of being on time, i headed back to get the CD (a Keller Williams live show) and the photos. this involved going back to the office. i called the restaurant to let them know that i was on my way in, and that there might be a lost looking guy waiting. got the CD, got the photos, dropped the CD off to a friend, and got to the restaurant.

no guy. hm.

M was just hunting up a paper for me to be reading, so as not to look like i was watching the door (i was), when he walked in. oh. my. ohmy. cute, cute, cute!

we ended up talking for nearly four hours. so sweet! he's so sweet. i really like him. he bought us a bottle of wine (while explaining he really knew nothing about wine - how adorable), and insisted on paying even though i offered to go Dutch. 'no, no - you can treat next time.' next time!

and he's a great kisser. he walked me to my car, and i asked if it was okay to kiss him. oh, those eyes... he has gorgeous eyes. and beautiful hands. and he's a good kisser. and there promises to be a next time.

i'm a happy girl.

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