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feeling kinda how a girl feels

overheard while i was writing out things in the paper journal:

after 30 years, the love hasn't changed. but the tolerance has.

just another lew black moment for you...

so ChicaBeanie and her girlfriend are off on the house hunt. they're also looking for new jobs, and maybe school... lessee, what else could they put on that plate? ;) i actually had a whole lot more to say about all that, thoughts rattling 'round in my head, but all that's coming out right now is wish them luck, please.

no call from rob about the car. i'm starting to get worried. we've made and broken all sorts of plans to get together and exchange money and title. he seems to live very much on the whim. which is all well and fine, but i want my fucking car! i know where it is, and i don't think he's going to back out, but still. i would really like to meet up with him, proving that he exists (all the transactions so far have been by phone and thru third parties), and finalize the deal.

*sigh* mostly, i'm grumpy today. if you had Johnny Cash echoing around in your head, you might be grumpy too. The Boy kept singing this one song all night and while we were shopping. now i can't get it out of my head. the worst part is, i only know two lines. isn't that always the way? if you knew the whole song, you could just sing it and be done. but nooooooo... those two scrimy little lines batter around in your brain, slowly driving you insane. *grr* thankyouveryfuckingmuch, you. oh, see, this really is bothering me. pardon me - i think i need to run out and do a little retail therapy.

a short while later... okay, folks, i'm now the not so proud owner of *two*, count 'em, two Johnny Cash albums. i also bought a old/new to me Jonatha Brooke and the latest Laurie Anderson, just to offset the cornfed purity. /flips CD in player... ahhhh. oh, that's much better. oh, finally i actually know all the words. what a relief.

of course, this raises the spectre that i might feel compelled to break out in Cashian song at random inappropriate moments. like in public. ;)

i finally stepped on the scale to confirm the weight loss. it's worse than i thought, but not as bad as i'd feared. i've dropped something on the order of 15 pounds in the last few months. this puts me at what is actually a reasonable weight for my frame. but because it was all done badly, i look horrible. no muscle tone, face too thin, no hips. never wish IBS on anyone. it rots.

i never thought of myself as someone who struggled with their weight. to me, that describes someone trying to keep from gaining weight. i know, i know. there are many ways in which one can deal with weight, on both ends of the scale (no pun intended). but i just never thought to describe myself that way. didn't fit on my emotional landscape. now, though, it dons on me that the term fits. when the IBS flares up, i get thin and sickly, and food just isn't any fun. don't get me wrong - i love to eat. but it becomes more and more of a chore. not paying attention to how i eat, or indeed forcing myself to eat at all, makes the spiral worse. add to that the concommitant low blood volume and vasovagal syncopy (a fancy way of saying i pass out at the drop of a hat), and the adventure becomes a soap opera.

eh. the next few months need to be about eating, and working out, and eating, and eating some more. with any luck, i'll have myself fattened up in time for Thanksgiving. honestly, i want to fill my hips back out so my clothes aren't falling off me. and i don't want to lose The Girls, which will be the next stage. if you've ever had to go bra shopping to find a new cup size, you know exactly the pain i'm trying to avoid.

what else, what else... plenty of nasty code stuff to play with today. i discovered that the 'soul' button hasn't been working for some time. dunno what happened to the home site, but it appears to have taken a powder. rather than have a nonworking doohickey, i went to clip it out of my HTML. i cleaned it out of the journal all right, and off the main blog page. but the way the archive management is set up for the blog, i can't clear it out of the older pages. makes me a little nutty to have that hanging around.

and i figured out the root cause of the overlapping photos in the earlier entries. depending on platform, machine, and a host of user variables, the same rev of the same browser will handle paragraph breaks differently. i suppose i could take the time to throw in a bunch of nonbreaking spaces. but that's a kludgy resolution. or i could put in 'clear' statements, except those aren't handled any more consistently. i experimented, and despite the point of that tag, it seemed to make a Bad Thing Worse. there's something very basic that i'm not getting, because all i can come up with are long involved solutions. this also makes me grumpy, because good solutions should be elegant. and cross platform/browser support is good. i'm behind it 100%. i just can't seem to always get there. :/

but it can't be all bad, right? i was very pleased to see photos of the America's Cup Jubilee in the Metro today. they had a great shot of the Velsheda, a restored J class, during competition. oh, go check out the site and poke around the gallery. there are some amazing shots, like the one of the boats rounding the light (it's under Tuesday - scroll down).

i did manage to amuse myself with a word quiz on Encarta, which tanya sent to me. i did pretty well. okay, i'm not that humble. i got 90% on both of them. ;) but really, a multiple choice test isn't a fair arbiter. i mean, chthonic? if you asked me out of the blue, i couldn't even spell it, let alone define it. given the multiple choice, i at least find that three years of Latin comes in handy.

*sniffle* *kaff* oh, bugger. now i'm feeling sick. i hope i didn't catch whatever it is that The Boy has. phooey. off to find some cold medicine, which in my world translates to a few shots of Southern Comfort. oddly, it is one of the best cold medicines going. here's hoping it works.

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