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today's quote: 'Professionalism prevents me from directly responding to the applicants in the manner they truly deserve, even though many of them could only see Planet Professionalism with the help of the Hubble Space Telescope.' for the rest of Shack's very funny article, go here.

got home very late, so technically this is a Sunday entry. but since i'm still up, we'll call it Saturday. 8)

worked the Richard Thompson show at the Orpheum tonight. what a great singer! as you may have noticed, i have a weakness for boys with guitars. acoustic, electric, jazz, folk, pop, rock - doesn't really matter, as long as they're good. Thompson has been around for, oh, 30 years or so, founded Fairport Convention, recorded with his wife (now ex-wife?) for several years, and has had a very successful solo career. he played a solid two hour show, and it was all wonderful. his stage banter was very funny (and i hadn't realized he was British until he started talking; isn't it funny that singing sort of flattens out your accent?). at one point, he said he was a bit irate with Capitol for calling his latest album 'the best of', rather than 'greatest hits'. 'but hey, if you think i'm a lazy bastard who only writes two or three good songs an album, then hey! this is the album for you!' hee.

he also sang a song about his solidarity with Pat Metheny. apparently, Metheny had taken a few digs at Kenny G, but pretty much said live and let live. Kenny G got his little shorts in a knot, and things have gotten uglier. Metheny basically took the gloves off. or this is how Thompson told the story. anyway, Thompson did a very funny song about Kenny's tiny talents. made me laugh. i'll admit, i had a Kenny G phase. but now, apparently, Kenny has seen fit to dub himself into a Louis Armstrong song. gah! no! bad! don't mess with the king of jazz! some things in this life are sacred, and Armstrong's gorgeous music is one of them.

on a different note, found someone in my referrer logs who has linked to my site without respecting my copyright statement (points down). all i ask for is an email; not such a big deal, eh? so i went to check out the site. i'm not even going to grace it with a reference. for reasons that i don't get, this person sees fit to deconstruct various entries in journals s/he reads. okay, fine. everyone is entitled to an opinion. and i don't have to agree with it. criticism has it's place, and done well, it can be helpful. but this person seems to like just ripping things apart. and i find that sad.

i got some really excellent mail today: a package from the Eddie Izzard merchandise shop! whoo hoo! i now have 4 of his 5 videos. i already have Dressed to Kill and Glorious. when i was in London last summer, i'd bought Definite Article and Unrepeatable, which of course were in PAL format. so i left them as gifts for my friends there (after watching them several times, of course). they were kind enough to dub them over for me to NTSC. and then i found that you could get those two in NTSC, with cover art and all. so i did a little shopping last week. 8) generally it takes ages for anything to get shipped from England, so i wasn't expecting to see them for a few more weeks. but there they were, tucked in my mail box today! fanTABulous. now if i can just score a copy of Live at the Ambassadors, my collection will be complete. that one will be more difficult, as it's out of print. but where there's a will, there's a way.

it's been lovely and warm here the last few days... ah, spring. 'bout damn time. *g* so tomorrow, i think i'll leave all the windows open and do a little spring cleaning. not something i really like doing, at least while i'm doing it, but the end result is always worth it. clean, comfy house, smelling all nice and springy. and if i get really motivated, maybe i'll take the windows apart and clean them too. amazing how much gunk can accumulate on the glass when you're not looking. then again, maybe i'll just wander around, find a park, and plunk myself down with a good book.

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