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i'm still riffling thru the paper journal from the last few months, taking stock of stories and observations, trying to craft it all into smaller, tastier bits. honestly, i'd get bored trying to tell you what i ate for lunch and who called me every day. so i'm trying to make better stories out of it all, for both of us. but really and truly, my heart wasn't in it today. today, my heart was out working on a tan (at least in my mind) - oh, you know what i mean. see, today would have been the perfect time to head up to Wingaersheek beach. i had walked out to run a few errands around the square, and very nearly didn't go back to the office. or, i would have gone back, but just long enough to grab my car.

i miss the beach. not like they go anywhere (except for that unfortunate bit with the Outer Cape, but that cycle's been going on for thousands of years - i saw an animated morph once of how the shore line had changed over the last few thousand years and it was fascinating.), but i'm not as close to them as i used to be. when i lived down on the Cape, it was maybe a 10 minute walk. so it was no big deal to pop down there after school or work or dinner. now it's an effort, in that i have to plan to get from point A to point B, make sure i put all the necessary stuff in the car, bring enough money for the parking (gah!), and time it so i get there before the lot and the sand are full.

but i've found a few beaches that are worth the effort. Wingaersheek is one of them. i'm sure i waxed poetic about this before, and if you've been there, you know what i mean. wait, hang on a sec... *rustles around thru bookmarks* here you go - here's some info about the beach, and here's a little bit about the lighthouse. at dead low tide, you can walk nearly all the way from the beach to the lighthouse. oh, hell, just for good measure, how about the beach i used to work at for the fine state of Massachusetts?

so if i can get my act together on Sunday, i think i'm gonna head on up northways. sunscreen, a good brain candy book or two, shades, and a blanket. what else could a girl want? oh. right. yeah, if you can swing a blond lifeguard for me, that would be dandy. ;)

however, that wasn't going to happen today. instead, i meandered around the square, did a little shopping, and then planted myself in one of the prime people watching spots to eat lunch. it was pure sensory overload, in the best of senses. i had a tasty sandwich and a vanilla Coke (how excited am i that i don't have to find an old fashioned soda fountain to get these anymore?), a good book to read, and music to go with. i had nabbed the second of Charlaine Harris's books, Living Dead in Dallas, having ripped thru the first one, Dead Until Dark in just more than a night. it's set in rural Lousiana, and the street musician out in front of the florist today was playing lap steel and singing damn fine blues. between that and the sun, it was a pretty perfect lunch hour. plus, i snuck about a half hour to lie out in the park and read a little more. so nice to be stretched out on the grass, little breeze, lots of sun... yum.

and since it's still a gorgeous day out there (about damn time, sez i), i'm planning on doing a little more people watching tonight. my favorite street magician may well be out there, and if not, there's still an excellent chance of adventure. sometimes, when you're least looking for it, the universe will provide.

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