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i look *good* in those jeans. hell, yeah.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

it was a meandering, unstructured day today, wherein i did a lot of different things, felt productive, and still managed to cross nothing off of my chore list.

first thing this morning, i slapped a baseball hat on my head and drove over to the salon. nothing like a scalp massage and a good haircut to perk you up, that's for sure. and i'd just redyed my hair again last night, in the even that Stuff Happens this weekend. it was getting to that 'commit to grow it out or get it cut NOW' stage. so bright red pixie cut, and i'm feeling better.

wandered next door to the Gap after that (as if i need more clothes) and found two pairs of jeans for $10 each. they're a bit tight, but instead of fussing about how my ass is expanding, i twirled in front of the mirror and decided that i'd go with 'good ass' jeans. they really leave nothing to the imagination. and i look good. also found a sparky little shoulder bag, red canvas with raffia woven in on one side, which will make a good beach/weekend bag. not bad for a shopping trip i didn't need. ;)

headed in to the Square to get some flowers for the apartment, and then went looking for sis's birthday present. yes, i'm late. i'm seeing her tomorrow for a beach jaunt, so now i had to get it. of course, the thing i wanted to get wasn't there anymore. she has a collection of sugar chickens, and i had found a blue pressed glass sugar rooster. finances being what they are, i didn't get it when i saw it, just filed it away for future purchase. much hunting later, i cam up with an Eastern European blown glass chicken. here's hoping she likes it.

while i was getting flowers, i saw a crowd around a shop window and couldn't figure it out. it's a deli, so what could be happening? dancing sausages? turns out they had big screen tv, and the ball game was on. i love that this is such a baseball town. stood there for a few batters, jawing with people about how the plays were called, who was having a good game and such, and then went on my way.

when i got in to Davis to do a few more errands, i had a bear of a time finding parking. all the secret hidy parking places were full. the hell? turns out i ended up smack dab in the middle of Art Beat, the annual street fair. poked around, didn't find much of anything, but had a good time people watching while sipping an iced chai. oh, yeah... today has been all about liquids. so *damn* hot that all i could think of was hydrating.

and baseball. it's been all about baseball. every place i stopped, the set was turned to the game. walked by a reastaurant, the windows were open and the game was on. caught an inning or two and asked the cop what the score was. stopped into the mini mart, game was on. got my pack, and stepped behind the counter to watch. some wiseass in line behind me said 'oh, you must be a Yankees fan.' i turned around, laughing, and said 'you so didn't say that.' 'well, i'm from Jersey. i have to get my shots in where i can.' went across the street to the liquor store, specifically to check the game on the way back to the car.

*sigh* my boys. they break my heart every summer. some games are tougher to watch than others. this was one of them. they blew a perfectly good lead and lost. i couldn't even watch the last inning.

instead, i went home and tinked around with HTML all evening. the chore list is still just as long as it was this morning. but i feel pretty damn good. well, other than the ball game. overall, tho, a productive day. and those are nice.

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