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*humming to self* what a lovely birthday...


feeling kinda how a girl feels

aw, yeah... lovin' in the morning... what a nice way to start your day. :)

okay, maybe that was TMI. how about this? there was a huge lightning storm last night! woke me up a few times. i love lightning storms, inside or out. they are so beautiful. i lay there, propped up on my elbows, watching the sheets of lightning and counting the thunder. you know, the 'one thousand, two thousand...' and as many seconds as it takes, that's how far away (in miles, one per second) the center of the storm is. as far as i can tell, the closest it got was about 3 miles away, circling around us. but the thunder sure as hell sounded a lot closer. some of the volleys went on for four or five seconds. *shiver* how very cool. i was tempted to run outside and jump around in the puddles, but... ;)

i got a few mirror pics shot off while i was down there. this project is so addictive! did i mention that i look at every shiny surface in a new light, and crave the digi cam all the time? love it, love it, love it... but back to that in a minute.

we went shopping in the morning so The Boy could stock up for the next course. it felt good to be able to help him with that. what i didn't feel so good about was how much weight i've lost recently. even The Boy said something. the IBS has been in full flare recently, and i have a hard time keeping down even a meal a day. mind you, it's not because i want to starve myself. i love food, and i love eating. but when whatever you put down comes up or out in 20 minutes flat... life is not fun. i'm a bit scared to step on the scale and see how bad it is. so i've been avoiding the scale, and hoping my stomach resolves things soon.

oh, and driving to the store... we almost got taken out by an 18 wheeler. WTF? the driver ran a clear red light. we both looked back to check, and that was clearly the case. *grrr* further proof of my theory that i should be nervous about learning to drive because there are a lot of idiots on the road.

anyway... back to shopping... one of his students has a wheat allergy, which made it more challenging. he joked at one point that he hoped she wasn't making it up. i know someone else who has a wheat allergy. you don't make up that kind of thing. you might make up a dairy allergy, or a seafood allergy, in order to avoid things you don't like the taste of. but a wheat allergy is pretty hard core, and people who say that, i think, say it for keeps.

so while he was picking up everything else, i went down the 'health food' aisle. i use the term loosely, because their definition of a health food aisle was 15 kinds of soy milk... and wheat free pasta. scoooore! he asked me to go back for rice cakes, saying that he didn't have a pass for that area. hey, this is not Cambridge. :) here's the thing i can't remember: rice cakes by definition are wheat free, but i'm not sure if they're gluten free. hope they work for her.

i also went off hunting for echinacea, because The Boy is worried he's coming down with something. forgive me, but i snapped into Mother Mode, and had to make sure he had *something* he could take. also threw a thing of All Heal Salve in his bag, just in case. because yes, i do carry that sort of thing around with me.

going back out, i stepped in a puddle by accident. mind you, i jumped in a puddle at work the other night on purpose. but when your sneakers end up all soaky wet by accident? not so much fun. i walked around for a minute or two, shaking my feet behind me like a duck.

saying goodbye was okay, more okay than i thought it might be. i know he has plans and is busy for the next few weekends, and asked him to just call when he had a chance. or at least, call and tell me your students didn't kill you. that made him laugh. and it felt like an okay way to part.

anyway. i had fun taking a mess of pictures with the digi cam. when i get better at framing and composition, i'll go back to a film camera. but for now, this is a good way to get instant feedback on whether or not i composed an image correctly. the difference between the eye and the lens is amazing. we screen out all sorts of things - fences, wires, etc.. the lens is a hard master in learning to see everything that's there. also, i only understand about half of the stuff the digi cam can do, because i have no doc. i feel undereducated. one thing i do need to pay attention to - the shutter speed is self adjusting for low light. i tend to take pics with one hand, and i'm not steady enough. low light = two hands, thankyouverymuch.

still, i got some good shots. one shot of a metal chain fence was good - i got metal, grass, water and stone all in one frame. once i can 'shop the wires out, i'll post the pic. oh, man, i need to learn Photoshop. for example, one of the shots i took up at the cabin had some amazing lights/textures on the water. it was stunning, and i want to be able to capture just that bit. how is it that the photo is even better than real life? god love computers and technology, so we can mess around with all this stuff. :)

so, finally back to the office. bleargh. one friend is dealing with some very serious family stuff. note to self: do not joke about serious stuff. i didn't know what was going on, and joked that he had called in well. in fact, he was dealing with a family crisis. sort of on par with asking someone in a suit who's died. *never* do that. the day you make that joke, they'll be headed for a funeral. [side note: i had originally written this up in the paper journal, and geek that i am, i thought 'oh, close the second paren, otherwise it won't compile.' sad...] and on top of all that, bill is being put thru hoops of fire with the whole job thing. erg. i worry about my friends. this week is not being kind to them, and it's only Monday.

not that it's on the same scale, but this week isn't being good to me, either. the guy selling me the car? what a freakin' nutter... i'm beginning to wonder if i've jinxed the whole thing by talking about it before i had the title. eh. off to watch the Sox game in Cali, and crash out on the couch. hopefully, that will go better than the afternoon has. ;)

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