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today's quote: 'Guys like Chuck Knoblauch have ruined lawn darts for the rest of us.' courtesy of the very funny Ezra Dyer. i swear, i love my boys, but damn...

and if you need more humor, check out this. just be warned - Penn came over to my desk after i sent this to him, and said it's really, really painful to snort hot coffee thru your nostrils. [sidenote: words i use too often are really, just and possibly. so sue me.]

and i could certainly use some humor. it's been an interesting few days. mess and nastiness at home (courtesy of me not doing any chores), mess and nastiness on the personal front, mess and nastiness at work, mess and nastiness at job #2. get the theme? bleah.

and i had to go down to the courthouse *again* today, which made me really cranky, at least in part because i had to deal once more with the elevators from hell. i swear - not one of them has passed the safety inspection. you would think they have to fix them. hm. perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they're in a *court house*? nah. i'm not cynical (much). and i had to go to the 15th floor. stairs? not really an option. elevators? fuckin' scary.

why am i back in the court house? good question. it appears that the ...person... who went assaulted me isn't able to live with the decision. and she's charged me with distruction of property. no, that isn't a typo. that's what it said on the summons. distruction. whatever. bad enough that she renegotiated her payment schedule and i won't be reimbursed for my medical costs for another year, but this... fortunately, i have a wonderful lawyer. and i'm just holding my breath. could i just please maybe have this ...thing... out of my life? now? please? because i'm over it. this is more than i ever wanted to know about our current court system. and i don't wish her ill. i just wish she didn't exist in my plane.

i will say this - i could have been much crankier about dealing with the courts. but everyone was very friendly, and i realized i could go one of two ways today: cranky, or happy that i was out of the office and in the warm, sunny outdoors. it's actually been really, reeeeeeeally nice the last few days. mind you, it was 30 and snowing a few days ago. in April. but the last few days, it almost feels like spring could happen, for real, in New England. i know, it doesn't seem possible. 8) but i swear - warm weather, sun, and all kinds of green bloomy things. crocuses, forsythia, snow drops, hyacinth, daffodils... it's quite colorful here these days. and it just lifts the soul to look around and appreciate all the flowers we've been gifted with recently.

and i've been really happy for a friend of mine these days. it's hard to start a new theatre anywhere. boston is tougher than some places because it's hard to find the real estate. but, despite all odds, one of the guys i worked with a few years ago has the good luck to be the director of a brand new theatre. well, not all odds. tom has *more* than paid his dues. and i can't even tell you how ecstatic i am that he is now director of the Market Theater, just opened a few weeks ago. damn. they have gotten all sorts of press, and the reviews have been so positive - oh, man... i so want this to work, because i adore tom, and i love theatre, and this is such a cool thing to be happening, and man oh man, it's sooooo nice to see good things happening for people you know. yeah. if you're in Boston, let me know. i'll buy you a ticket to go. yes, i will. i would find a way for you to see his work. you need to see the place, and the performances. whee! tom has his own theatre and office! and the audiences love it! it's sooooo cool...

hey, here's another cool thing... i worked the NEMO Boston Music Awards and had the good fortune to see Howie Day perform. y'all - the boy is *20* years old. he was nominated for a regional award. he was up against national recording artists. and the boy *rocks*. at 20, he has more talent in his right pinky finger than nearly everyone. i so hope that he has the career he deserves. the boy is not only talented, he's modest and kind. if you like singer-songwriters, check out his CD. buy it. give him love. 8)

and just for the record - not only do i have a fan club in the audience, i appear to have a fan club with the other ushers as well. huh. hey, boys? yeah, they're tits. i live with them every day. they just aren't that interesting.

hey, speaking of CDs, if you haven't heard Bill Hicks before, check him out. the man is damn laugh out loud funny. i wish he were still around (he died of pancreatic cancer at 32) because i would *love* to hear his take on the latest news items. damn. be aware: if you listen to him, have an open mind. and speaking of minds, his rant on the 'your mind on drugs' ad campaign - bust a gut hilarious.

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