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i spent nearly the whole day curled up in the fetal position on the couch, blocking out everything that happened last night because it scares the living crap out of me. see, i had a real honest to god accident. on the way home, i blew out two tires. I'M FINE. physically, anyway. mentally, i'm still shaking. well, and physically shaking a bit too.

i hit something in the road. maybe it was a pothole, maybe it was a piece of glass or metal, maybe the curb. i don't know for sure, i only know that it was something i couldn't see in the snow. and it was clearly something on the road, as the rest of the car is unscathed (well, as unscathed as it was before, anyway). the accident melted one tire and destroyed the rim, and squashed the other tire. i wasn't even going all that fast, as i was on a side street - 20 miles an hour, tops, and that's pushing it. more likely, i was only doing about 15.

i managed to get the car thru the intersection and mostly over to the side of the road, but at a certain point, she refused to go any further. some kind gentleman even stopped to give me a hand, and we couldn't budge it. i was in tears at this point, and barely able to figure out what to do. fortunately (and there's a lot of fortune in this story) i was down the street from my office. since i didn't have my passcard with me, i asked the security guy if he could let me in to use my phone so i could call a tow truck. bless his heart, he did.

once i got ahold of a tow company, i headed back out to wait for the truck. in the dark. in the cold. in the rain. crying. that must have been quite the sight for anyone passing by. and then i had to wait again for the platform truck, because i hadn't quite figured out at that point that i had *two*, count 'em, two flat tires, both of the tires on the left side.

we got the car to my mechanic's and i couldn't be bothered asking for change. he said he didn't have change, which was most likely a scam, but in any event, TowBoy got a hefty tip, one which in my eyes he well deserved, as he stopped at an ATM on the way and then drove me home. sounds like a good use of a few extra bucks. and as if there weren't enough kindness and fortune already, i was reminded all over again how much my mechanic is worth his weight in gold. he called this morning, before i even had a chance to ring him up to see if he could do the work. what a guy... he came over my house to pick up the key, and had the car mobile by midday. *looks heavenward*

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