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sleeping on a full stomach gives you bad dreams, doesn't it?


feeling kinda how a girl feels

my avatar...courtesy of stortroopersoh, i suppose i could have cropped the URL out of the image, but it seems like bad ettiquette, and i'm lazy. anyway, check out the stortroopers site, and you too could have your very own avatar, like all the cool kids do.

tried to go to a yoga class tonight to help me relax. i took the bus, and we had to drive all of maybe a half mile. it took 20 minutes. i finally hopped off the bus a stop early and ran the rest of the way to the gym. got upstairs (it's an odd setup - the main desk is down one flight from the street, and the gym is on the second floor - so you have to walk up two flights of stairs to get to the gym from the locker room) a few minutes late, only to find that the class was ticketed. they do that with some classes, to manage the size. had to run back *down* two flights of stairs, because the tickets are at the front desk. they ran out of tickets a half hour before. no ticket, no yoga, no love. so i went back upstairs (slowly, this time) and desultorily 'worked out' for about half an hour, which was sufficient for me to justify soaking in the whirlpool for 15 minutes. 8)

made dad's chicken recipe tonight, and it was pretty damn tasty. i used an orange pepper, and the colors were lovely. i did go back and change the directions, tho - because apparently the 325 is for a convection oven... which i don't have. my parents do. good thing i called mom while the chicken was baking, huh? i'm still pretty new to the whole cooking meat or poultry thing, having been veg for a number of years, so i happened to ask her if a half hour at that heat was enough. i just jacked the heat up for the last 15 minutes, and it all worked out well.

and now, i'm off to bed, because i'm more tired than a body has a right to be. thank goddess there's not an alarm clock in my future, just huge yummy cinnamon rolls that i picked up tonight. mmmmmm...

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