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final showdown at the Not OK corral


feeling kinda how a girl feels

walking out of the office tonight, i looked up at the moon hanging in the sky, and realized that the air feels different. it feels... crystalline, i guess. sharp, thin, almost like snow and winter.

this is one of the things i love about living in New England. i complain about the cold, of course. but i really do love that we have seasons here. there's something i love about each of them. in winter, it's the promise of fluffy white snow, and the idea that i could go tobogganing if i wanted, and the fact that the stars are so clear in the night sky.

it's been pretty quiet here. haven't done much of anything, really. oh, there was a little dustup last week, and i quit the night job. i guess that's not really quiet, is it?

i worked the Ryan Adams show, which was fun and irritating. fun because he is a good performer, and i liked hearing him mess around with arrangements, and watch him be a prancing little diva onstage, and mess around with a turntable. he is a diva. really. at one point, i was talking to my boss, and over the headset, i heard someone talking. boss says 'dustbuster?' seems that someone got a haircut in the green room, and they wanted to clean it up. because the diva wanted it clean. hey, it's a freakin' green room! he had a few other odd requests, the oddest being a wooden chair with no arms, which one of the tech guys hunted down from a neighbor. he can't travel with a wooden chair if it's that important? huh.

and irritating because i had the final showdown with J. Ryan's management requested that we keep the back and the aisles clear, and only seat people between songs, because it was a very quiet show. (did i mention that he had to do sound check with the lights out to get the ambience? yeah. odd fellow.) i was managing downstairs, and my staff did a great job. except for J.

she was in her own little world, doing what she wanted. the final straw was when i told some people they couldn't take beer to their seat (long standing rule), and J walked up, brushed past me, and waved them to their seats. while Ryan was playing.

that was it. i turned on my heel, grabbed my boss, and took him outside. told him what happened, read him the riot act, and told him that i quit. this wench has been verbally and physically abusive to me over the past year, he's done nothing, and i won't play nice anymore. frankly, i can't really understand why i ever did. we're both paid employees, and what she's done is not only rude, it's illegal.

i may go back to work there, but only if he fires her. and if i don't go back, that's my choice. he'll do what he wants, and i'll make my choices based on that, in order to keep myself safe and comfortable.


in other news, i've been tinking around with new blog service, trying to master a new layout, and proprietary tags, and CSS and Jscript, and deprecated tags, oh my! the old blog has been good to me, and served its purpose faithfully. i've just gotten to the point where i want a little more flexibility and power, not to mention the option of setting up an RSS feed. hopefully, things will look pretty over there when i get it all settled. ;)

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