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i feel much better about the holidays today.

i got in to work today, did some work stuff, and then jumped out to run to the bank.

my bank has been remodeling. i know where the door should be. thank goddess they put a sign on the old door, which is now a window.

sad to say, old habits die hard. if the sign wasn't there? i would have walked into that window a dozen times.

where was i... oh, yeah. the holidays. :)

so, after i went to the bank, i went looking for gifts.

i've been highly uninspired this year, because i really haven't been talking to people all that much in the last few months. so, i don't really know what to get for people.

ah, but today...

today, i picked up four presents. i got two CDs for friends. the soundtrack to Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou and Si SŤ. also, two books. a compilation of the Dalai Lama's speeches for my mom, and a history book for my bro in law.

soooo happy. it makes me very happy that i've managed to find gifts for a few more people in my life.

oh! one more. kissie bears. the Hallmark ones. i got them for a friend who loves bears. i had to get over the whole 'hate Hallmark' thing. and it was worth it.

how cool is this... i signed up for a Secret Santa thing. i didn't put much stock in it. i was happy to be able to send off a book to my Secret Santee - a hardcover book for a woman in the Phillipines.

today, i got my gift from my Secret Santa. a full set of sheets. flannel sheets. warm, fuzzy sheets from someone who read my wish list.

okay, it sounds kind of odd to say that some guy i don't know sent me sheets. but it was very cool to get a package, and find a gift that i wanted, from someone who just wanted to give.

made my whole Monday. possibley my whole week, depending on how things go. :)

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