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feeling kinda how a girl feels

sometimes, life is altogether too much. i just want to close my eyes and have all the bad stuff go away. and this week, there's been a lot of bad stuff.

for starters, there's the news. even my TV Boyfriend hasn't been able to make me laugh about it, not this week. a sniper picking off random people? and i know a few people who live down that way. when you hear about people who are discovering how far you really can drive on fumes because they don't want to stop for gas - it's no joke.

blowing up buildings in Bali (at least i think it's Bali - i'm doing my level best to block out some stories), re-electing Saddam Hussein (and curious frog had decent commentary on that one), the Troubles in Ireland flaring up again (or still)...

so i decided to read my hometown newspaper, figuring that things can't go too far awry in a town with one stop light. actually, i think they're up to three now, but in many ways, there's still the one stop light mentality down there.

and it didn't cheer me up at all.

over the past weekend, a sixteen year old boy was stabbed to death at a party. and the smack in the face was doing the math and realizing that he was just about the right age to be the son of one of my classmates. he wasn't, but he could have been. it's not just random violence. it's all hitting far too close to home. and there are enough other things hitting very close to home.

my gram is still doing physical therapy to come back from her latest fall. she's doing well, don't get me wrong. and i talked with her briefly this morning, which hopefully brightened her day. but it's taking her longer to come back than ever. and it hurts to see her a little more fragile each time i visit. and my bro's inlaws were in an accident last weekend. someone hit their car, head on. they're mostly okay (knock on every piece of wood i can find), which is good to hear. but damn...

if you're driving anywhere soon? please pleaseplease put on your seatbelt. i don't care if you're just driving to the corner to pick up a pizza. please put on your seatbelt. because i really want you and the pizza to come back in one piece. okay?

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