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i went in to work for a few hours today, and we made good progress on the database project. it went far more smoothly than i had hoped it would. here i was, expecting things to crap out or blow up at every turn. surprise, surprise - no snags! we reinstalled the core application on a new server, one with RAID backup (backups are Good), did a clean client install on a pristine machine, and built a mostly silent installer. *knocking on wood* now, if only the rest of the project goes this well...

we tried to go out to lunch at Jasper's afterwards, which didn't work out. i wanted to do something nice for my IS buddy, since he came in specifically to work on my project. i had only asked if he was going to be working on something else soon, and could i tag my work on the end of that, and he offered to make time today. what a guy. unfortunately, our plans to indulge in mass amounts of seafood were foiled. turns out, lunch doesn't start there on the weekends until 1. who knew? i thought that going anywhere after noon was a pretty good guarantee of getting fed. no such luck. ah, well. we'll do lunch some other day during the week.

since i was out that way already, i decided on a whim to go out to get new tires put on my car. i knew it was something i had to do sooner rather than later. i just hadn't planned on doing it then. but since i was headed in the right direction and had no firm plans for the rest of the day, i went. i was pleasantly surprised when i got out there that Sears would be able to get everything done in under an hour.

and i learned a lot about tires. hey, if you ever want to understand the aspect ratio of your tires, gimme a shout. :) i had TireGuy explain all the numbers and options to me; the fact that i'd had a long conversation with dad earlier made me feel more comfortable as well. get this - i very nearly had negative tread on one tire. my mechanic hadn't told me precisely how bad the situation was. TireGuy actually remeasured one tire twice because the center tread came up at 1. understand that tread is 10 when you buy the tires, and you always subtract 2 to find the amount of usable tread left.

oh, and the cheap rat bastard who sold me the car only replaced two of the tires, and with the wrong size because they were less expensive. so i had two cheap bald tires of the wrong size up front, and two cheap not so bald tires of the wrong size in back. grr. but now i have 4 spanky new tires and a full sized spare, and Penny looks nifty. what a difference it makes! she handles like a dream. took a few minutes to figure out that the shift point is lower now with the new tires, but other than that it's even more of a pleasure to be driving her.

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