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hi. doing well? good! glad to hear it. i've had a very full weekend, and am currently exhausted but very happy. ChicaBeanie's wedding was fantabulous, despite the rain. i can't imagine a more perfect event. and when i recover, i'll give a fuller account. the quick recap: much happiness and celebrating, great amounts of silliness, new friends made, old friends reconnecting, and plenty of eating to win.

for now, a story to entertain you. thanks again to He for letting me use the chat transcript, and for being so funny.

me: heh. i'm soooo wanting to get my car back. she's been in the shop all week.

he: boo

he: we have two actually, this one is almost twelve years old.

me: well, it'll be good when she's fixed. i just really miss the convenience of having a car.

me: never thought i'd say that, as i lived quite happily without car for nearly my whole life.

he: i'm a bus fan. i love mass transit. love the people

me: but now that i have her, i can't imagine not having one.

he: heh

me: i don't mind taking the T or buses. sometimes easier than looking for parking.

he: yeah.

me: but when you want to make a run to the all night store, it's a pain not to have the car.

he: when you visit, we'll ride the bus around town.

me: oh! speaking of the T - great story.

he: cool

me: i was working downtown, and got out early. walked over to the end of the alley to get the T.

me: and there were about a thousand people waiting to get on shuttle buses.

me: 'crap, crap, crap. please let it be the green line, please let it be the green line...'

he: heh

me: green and red go thru Park Street.

me: nope. it was the red line. back to the theatre to let people know, and then off to find a cab.

he: oh

me: usually not a big deal, but when you and 4000 of your closest friends are trying to hail a cab, it's more of a blood sport.

he: heh, i should bet

me: finally caught up with my friends an hour late, and got the story.

me: some drunk driver had been on the Longfellow Bridge, had run thru a *steel* fence, and landed on the tracks on the third rail (live).

me: if you could see the bridge, you'd know just how hard it was to do that.

me: he *got out of the car* and left the scene.

he: wow, that's nuts

me: which of course pissed off the cops.

me: yeah. fried the rail, closed the red line, and pissed off a lot of folks.

he: i bet

me: i didn't even have the worst time of it - a friend of the folks i was meeting was stuck on one of the trains, and kept calling to give the live update from the scene.

he: ha - nice.

me: and of course, once you're trapped on a train, you have to pee. not sure how that law works, but it's true.

he: it's Murphys Law, subsection 28a - Urination Requirements in Enclosed, Toiletless Spaces.


me: nice. *giggles*

he: Thanks.

me: can i use that line?

he: Oh, I suppose. ;)

oh - and happy Father's Day, y'all.

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